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Mind Maps and Organisers for Reading

Mind Maps & Organisers is now out of print and therefore available for download. It contains 41 pages of BLM that include mind maps, advanced KWL charts, connectors, sequencing organisers, Y, T and H charts, main idea organisers, character webs, plus many more.

Mind Maps, Organisers & Planners for Writing

Mind Maps, Organisers & Planners for Writing is a free downloable resource with 77 reproducible pages to help students plan and organise their writing.

Multiple Intelligences Response Cards

These cards are designed to be used by students after reading a book or chapter of a book. There are 30 reproducible response cards that cover each of the intelligences and provide students with a variety of ways to respond to a text.

Supporting Readers & Writers

Supporting Readers & Writers is an 80 page publication containing activities and teaching guidelines to assist in the development of essential skills and knowledge required for successful literacy learning. It also includes numerous black line masters for classroom use.

The Bookmark Book

The Bookmark Book is an 48 page publication containing Quick tasks to prompt thinking and apply word solving strategies. These tasks are black line masters for easy classroom use. Great for infants students. Example of bookmark prompts include: Tricky words, The Right Order, What's The Point?, Connections and A Sticky Problem.

Comprehension & Writing Activities by Lizzie Chase

Inferring with Images

This website was created by Lizzie Chase (Literacy Consultant) and contains a heap of resources for inferring with images including downloadable task cards. Many of these activities are then linked to writing blogs designed to provide students with images as a stimulus for writing as well as sample texts. These can be accessed below.

Tech Session

Thursday, May 23rd 2013 at 3:15pm

Union Street

Merewether, NSW

Drop into the lab this week to upload some photos onto your Weebly site. I have plenty to share from the carnival if you weren't able to get any.
Also, discover Puppet Pals 2. Many new features. We have the full version where you can add student's own faces to the puppets and now there are moveable parts. Come along and have a play.

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