Austin's 5 Themes of Geography

by Emily Bian


This picture shows relative location, because it is some cities around Austin. The closest city, San Antonio, is about 80 miles from Austin.


This is downtown Austin. Downtown Austin is known for their live music and shows the culture of Austin. This picture shows place, because it perfectly describes the physical features of Austin, and also shows the culture.

Human-Enviroment Interaction

About 2 years ago, Austin had this big water treatment plant to help people around the RRISD area get water easier. It was a modification, but many people didn't want it. There was a huge debate over it, but they ended up building one. Austin modified their landscape to better suit their needs, and that's why it is an example of Human-Enviroment Interaction.


ACL is one of Austin's biggest event every year. Thousands of people go to enjoy the live music. Even people from other countries fly to attend this festival. This represents movement because lots of people come each year to Austin just to attend ACL.


This picture of USA and Canada represents formal region, because the two countries share a limited numbers of related characteristics, like the same continent.