Philippines Debriefing

By: Maya Whiteley

About Us (Filipino American Medical Society aka FAMS)

  • Sarah Broder: Pilot- commander of the aircraft, double checks the route, approves in flight route changes, and also helps in selection of relief supplies
  • Sarah Rashdan: Medical Officer- determines which supplies will be needed for the mission in order to prevent along with control disease outbreak, serves as the expert on diseases, and helps select relief supplies
  • Areeba Shaikh: Navigator- identifies airport stop and calculates flight times, plots final route on the map, reviews flight and weather hazards and advisories, informs pilot if any changes are necessary, and helps select relief supplies
  • Maya Whiteley: Loadmaster- supervises supplies among the five pallets based on the aircraft and helps select relief supplies
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Mission Goal / Objective

  • Mission Goal: To send medical aid and refill supplies for the people who need it in Tacloban.

  • Primary Objective: Help the people in need of medical supplies needed for survival that were affected by the typhoon.


  • Manifest of what was Delivered- 27,200 pounds of supplies with volume of 2,904 feet squared:

-4,500 pounds of portable hospital

-2,800 pounds of medical supplies

-4,400 pounds of food

-500 pounds of refrigerated medical chest

-7,200 pounds of drinking water

-700 pounds of miscellaneous supplies

-2,400 pounds of portable latrine

-1,200 pounds of mosquito supplies

Pallet Manifest


Our goal, to send medical aid and refill supplies, was fulfilled. We sent 14 boxes of medical supplies and portable hospitals serving as a medical aid, along with food and clothing to help refill supplies.

Our Goal

The portable hospitals, drinking water, refrigerated medical chests, and clothing baskets directly addressed our goal.

Flight Map

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Flight Plan

1. Houston, Texas >>> North Weyburn, Canada (1,434 mi.) Total Time: 4 hr. 40 min.

2. North Weyburn, Canada >>> High Level Airport (807 mi.) Total Time: 2 hr. 49 min.

3. High Level Airport >>> Manly Hot Springs Airport (1,160 mi.) Total Time: 3 hr. 51 min.

4. Manly Hot Springs, Alaska >>> Tilichili Airport, Russia, (1, 375 mi.) Total Time: 4 hr. 28 min.

5. Tilichili Airport >>> Khabarovsk Navy (1,436 mi.) Total Time: 4 hr. 39 min.

6. Khabarovsk Navy >>> Yingha Airport (1, 434 mi.) Total Time: 4 hr. 39 min.

7. Yingha Airport >>> Lanog Airport (1, 213 mi.) Total Time: 4 hr. 1 min.

8. Laoag Airport >>> Tacloban Airport (556 mi.) Total Time: 2 hr. 9 min.


Typhon Haiyan was one of the strongest ever recorded with 6,340 fatalities.

What We Accomplished (Chronological)

  • Researched the Philippines
  • Learned more about the major epidemic diseases affecting the Philippines in a presentation
  • Determined our mission goal and primary objective
  • Made our pallets to go on the cargo plane to the Philippines
  • Learned about Google Earth and formed a flight plan
  • Began our debriefing project (this)
  • Sent supplies to help people in the Philippines!

Misconceptions Addressed / Lessons Learned

  • Before this project, I knew very little about the Philippines, so I thought the last major typhoon happened a very long time ago, not in the past decade.
  • One lesson/tip I learned during this project is that slacking off adds up and makes things harder later in the long run.

Effective / Not Effective Strategies

  • Worked- Whenever our team was researching diseases, it worked best to split up the diseases amongst us.
  • Did Not Work- One strategy that did not work is to randomly place things on the pallet. At first, we would randomly place items on the pallet and try to make it work, but we could never get the supplies to fit.
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During this project, I learned about all the things going on in the Philippines, and I learned a lot about working in groups. Overall, this project was really beneficial for me and I'm glad I was able to learn so much about the problems in the Philippines.