Kindergarten News

Mrs. Pogue's Kindergarten

We Have Been Learning...

This is our learning for the week of Monday, May 21st - Friday, May 25th.

Morning Meeting

We greeted each other with a new greeting this week called the floppy fish. Ask me to teach it to you! We are working on using our right hard with our greetings. During our share, we are working on making connections to the things other people share about BUT not interrupting in that moment to talk about it!

We played four corners this week with new sight words. We worked on Can I identify these words easily?

Overall, we just worked on being good friends to each other. The last couple of weeks, we have not always shown kindness during our time in the classroom and on the playground. We are working on finishing strong and being kind, compassionate, thoughtful (almost) first graders!

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Literacy Learning

Our countdown is in full effect as we celebrate our learning and time together this year...

Pancakes and Pajamas - we listened to various stories about pancakes including If You Give a Pig a Pancake, Pancakes for Breakfast, and Pancakes, Pancakes. We used Pancakes, Pancakes to make text to text connections to the Little Red Hen! We used tallies to decide whether or not we wanted plain pancakes or polka dot pancakes. Which did I choose?

Lettuce Taco 'Bout a Great Year - we listened to Dragons Love Tacos and brainstormed to make a list of things we have love about Kindergarten. We listened to House for Hermit Crab and wrote a class book about our favorite part of Kindergarten that I will share with my class next year!

One Smart Cookie - we listened to If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and wrote words that begin or end with the diagraph ch to label a chocolate chip cookie. We used our time in the classroom to measure, mix, and stir chocolate chip cookie dough. Mrs. Pogue baked the cookies at home for us to package and pass out to special area teachers that have helped us become one smart cookie this year!

Thunder Up! Thursday - we listened to Dino Basketball and graphed our favorite uniform the Thunder wear. We enjoyed a festive snack! We also measured, mixed, and stirred rice krispie treats for our guests on Friday for Kindergarten recognition!

Oh! The Places You'll Go! - we celebrated with Kindergarten recognition in the gym as well as a slideshow, portfolio share, and refreshments in the classroom! What was your favorite part of your child's portfolio?

Some other things we did this week were to write letters to my future class to tell them about Kindergarten. What advice did I give? We visited Ms. Kirk and some first grade experts to get ready for our transition to next year.

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Words To Know...

We are reviewing the words we have learned this year as well as talking about some words that have been in our poems that are harder such as: out, how, about, down, goes, comes, etc.

We have been playing four corners to help us practice! We are working on using all of these words appropriately in sentences as well as identifying and writing it. You can also work on your child's fluency by combining sight words to make sentences to read such as I can see a ________________ or I have a ____________________.

Words We Have Learned:

  • a
  • I
  • see
  • can
  • the
  • we
  • to
  • like
  • and
  • you
  • go
  • my
  • said
  • little
  • is
  • my
  • it
  • are
  • have
  • here
  • dog
  • went
  • what
  • he
  • she
  • but
  • up

Math Matters!

During math this week, we worked with name collection boxes. Your little one will see these often in their first grade math work. We worked on representing the number our table was given in many different ways. We used a chart piece of paper and then shared with the class how we showed the number we were given. We had to work together as a table which has been hard for us lately. We are working on sharing, taking turns, and practicing patience!

We used pattern blocks to build half of a design and then having our parter build the same half of the design to finish it. We talked about symmetry and whether or not on our designs showed symmetry. We learned how to play Subtraction Top-It (which is slightly trickier than Addition Top-It). We had to find the difference between the two cards that were turned over and then the person with the largest difference got to take all the cards!

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Upcoming Events

Monday, May 28th: No School - Memorial Day

Tuesday, May 29: Arr Matey! Treasure Hunt Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 30: Popsicles in the Park

Thursday, May 31: Last Day! Hooray!