Come and enjoy Sameers 11th birthday with us

Come and play laser tag with Code Red

During your time at Code Red we will do 2 rounds of laser tag and you will play some arcade games. You will have some pizza and more party food.

Sameers Birthday Party

Saturday, June 7th, 10:30am-1:30pm

175 James Ruse Dr

Sydney, NSW

This party is located at Code Red (on top of Clown Town).

Agenda on the day

10:30- Everyone arrives

10:45- They tell you the rules and get sorted into teams

11:00- You put on your vests and go into your hiding places

11:45- Game finishes

11:50- Time to eat the food!

12:20- Decide the team for the next game

12.25- Next game starts

1.10- Game finishes

1.15- Time to play arcade games

1.30- Time to open presents, Hand out lolly bags and go home

If you need more information go to there website