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Weekly Update ~ September 12, 2016

Substitutes Needed

Do you like to plan your day in advance, or do you prefer to do things on the spur of the moment? Would you like extra spending money for planned events and/or spur of the moment activities? Would you like to get out, work, and meet new people? Would you like to work with flexibility rather than a regular nine to five job? If so, Oak Grove School is in need of substitutes teachers and nurses. If you are interested, please contact Susan Gilbert at gilbert@ogschool.org or fill out an application on our website, www.ogschool.org

PowerSchool Update for Parents

As you may know, Oak Grove School uses PowerSchool as our student information system. Here's some information about PowerSchool that we hope you find useful.


We no longer have PowerSchool hosted in the cloud. Moving the PowerSchool server to our own building has resulted in a new URL: https://ps.ogschool.org. Please delete or modify any bookmarks you may have had from previous years.

Oak Grove has provided PowerSchool access to the parents of children in grades 6-8 for the past decade. If you have a student in one of these grades, you can set up an account in PowerSchool to check the your child's progress in each class. Students in grades K-5 do not have accounts available in PowerSchool. To be clear, classroom grades have never been available for K-5 students in the past, but there has never been anything preventing parents from logging in despite the lack of data to look at. With this version of PowerSchool, if you have a K-5 student associated with your PowerSchool account, you will see the message "Information Not Available - the school has disabled access to this student's data." If you'd like to have a K-5 student removed from your account so you don't see this message any longer, please contact huber@ogschool.org. If you have a student in 6-8 but have yet to create a PowerSchool account, you can get instructions here.


Anyone who has tried to use the PowerSchool mobile app this year has discovered that it is not working. This is due to the fact that the mobile app is still pointing to our old PowerSchool server. We have been working with PowerSchool for over a week to get this resolved, and we will let all 6-8 parents know when the mobile app is working again.

Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

As part of our Talented And Gifted (TAG) placement procedures, we will be holding our fall session of Advisory Council. During the fall Advisory Council meeting, the committee will review placement appeals. Parents have the right to request an additional review of student placement into Oak Grove’s TAG program, through a placement appeal which would be reviewed by the Advisory Council. This process is discussed on pages 13 and 14 of the TAG Handbook.

In addition, please see the TAG Handbook for the matrix used to make placement decisions (p. 10) as well as the placement flow chart (p. 13) for additional information.

Parents requesting participation in the appeal process are required to complete the Parent Inquiry Form beginning on page 22 of the TAG Handbook. The Parent Inquiry Form must be completed and emailed to Michelle Jackson at jackson@ogschool.org no later than October 3rd for consideration at the fall Advisory Council meeting. Parents will be notified via email regarding the final committee decisions.

*Please note, appeal process may only be utilized once a calendar year.

Snowflake - Snowmoji 2016

*Caring and Sharing * New Friends * New Ideas * New Skills * Hugs and Warm Fuzzies * A Good Time*

Dear Parents,

You and your child will be given the opportunity to take part in an exciting program: Snowflake 2016, hosted by Oak Grove and Hawthorn Schools. Snowflake is a prevention program, which addresses a broad range of young adolescent concerns and encourages school, family, and community involvement. It is based on the belief that providing young people with factual information, as well as opportunities for self-understanding, increases their chances for productive interaction with life. Snowflake is a “feel good” day. It is designed to keep kids healthy and on the right track.

Once again we are joining with Hawthorn South and Middle North Schools and are planning to include parents for part of the night’s events. We believe that effective prevention utilizes the strengths of families and assists by providing information, enhancing communication, and supporting the parent-child relationship. Both parents and students will attend large group presentations and attend separate small group activities. In order to make this a successful evening, we are requiring at least one parent to attend the night’s activities. We guarantee a night of fun and knowledge that will help you survive your child’s adolescence. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet other parents dealing with the same issues. Finding you are not alone helps to normalize this adolescent period. If you already have attended an Oak Grove parent program, we still encourage you to attend. Each year the presentations are new, information is current, and as always, provides an opportunity to open communication between you and your child on difficult teen subjects.

SNOWFLAKE 2016 will be held this year on October 21st, at Oak Grove School. The event starts right after school, lasting until 10:00 for students. Parents are asked to attend from 7:30–10:00. Parents - please make sure to attend the 7:30 performances. Coffee and dessert will be provided. Students will need a ride home at the end of the night. Dinner and snacks will be provided for students.

In the Virtual Backpack, you will find a registration form. To confirm placement for yourself and your child, please fill out the registration/permission form and return it to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible. Registration is limited. A $25.00 registration fee covers both student and parent. This fee includes dinner, materials and student t-shirt.

Please contact Gayle Timlin or Kim Wesley for more information. We reserve the right to deny application to those students who do not participate in an appropriate manner during group activities.

Parents, don’t miss out on this great family experience. It is truly worthwhile and will make a difference in your student’s life.


Gayle Timlin & Kim Wesley

PTO News

Hot Lunch

Don't forget, orders are due by 11 AM, Monday, for the following week. All ordering is done on the Kiddo's website: http://www.kiddoscatering.com/

Recycling Help Needed

Parents can help out during lunch hours by helping with the recycling in both Jr. High and Elementary cafeterias. Our chair, Christina Swanson is looking for someone who can help out with the Jr. High side. If you are interested, please contact her at rushiepoo@hotmail.com

Box Tops

Once again, it’s time to begin the Box Tops for Education collection drive. Every year this program earns about $3,000 for Oak Grove School. Please start looking at the products you buy, clip the Box Top coupons off the packaging, and send them in with your child at any time. It's that easy! A list of participating products and more information can be found at http://www.boxtops4education.com.

Please remember we only collect Box Tops for Education through the General Mills program, NO soup labels, NO Labels for Education, NO yogurt lids, or anything else! (example shown below)

We will be collecting the Box Tops three times this year sometime around the following dates: October 1st, February 1st, and May 15th. We will also have a contest again for grades K - 5. After the May collection, the classroom in each grade that has collected the most Box Tops will receive a treat! If you have a child in Jr. High, please drop off Box Tops to the Jr. High Office. Though they will not be counted for the classroom contest, you will still be helping to raise money for our school.

This year Maureen and Amy are looking for "apprentices" to help them learn the counting and submission process in preparation for a handover of duties for when their youngest children graduate.

This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for parents who want to help out but need to be able to do it on their own schedule. If you'd like to be able to volunteer in your pajamas while sitting in front of the t.v., during your lunch hour at work, or while you're waiting for your child to finish an extra curricular lesson or practice - this is for you! Please email or call one of us asap so you can shadow us during our first "count & submit" in October.

Thank you for your help with this easy fundraiser for our school!

Box Tops Coordinators:

Maureen Burke and Amy Eberhardt

847-367-4995 847-732-7114

Mmburke2@aol.com amy@edseyart.com

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Oak Grove School Education Foundation

Playground Pavers -- Leave your mark at Oak Grove!

Our children's memories of their time at Oak Grove will last a lifetime, so take this opportunity to leave a permanent mark with a custom brick paver and support innovative curriculum enhancements for your children at the same time! The custom brick pavers are the centerpiece of the Elementary playground! For sizes, information and order, please visit http://www.ogsef.org/playground-pavers.html. Thank you!

Lost and Found

Parents, please remember to label your childs' personal belongings, ie; outerwear, lunch boxes, water bottles, book bags.... This helps us get items that we find on the bus, in the hallways, on the playground, back to students. Our Lost and Found table is filling up quickly and it is only the fourth week of school!

Virtual Backpack

Please click HERE to view the flyers in our virtual backpack.

Oak Grove School Board of Education

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