Costume secne Investigation


Mens garments

Chanel had introduced the world to the jumper and it was worn by both men and women. knitted clothes for men really took off in the twenties and women eagerly wore the same knits too. Fair patterns became very popular for both genders to.

Women's Garments

High fashion had only been for the richer women until the twenties. Flapper dresses were very popular in this time period it was the thing that most women wore even if they weren't rich. A flapper dress showed that the women was very fun and was a dancer in the jazz time.

Dresses and skirts for women

Head Wear

Men and Womens Head wear

In the begging head wear was made for protecting your head from injury and from the elements of nature. Women wore all different types of hats. They wore floppy hats to protect them selves from the sunshine and they also wore small hats with different clothing to match. The men on the other hand wore typically one type of hat. They wore a bowler hat. This hat looked like a plain hat with sometimes a ribbon wrapped around the edge.

Shoes For men and Women

The women wore all different types of shoes. Some of the different types are the Pitzel Heel and Satin Pumps were the two most fashionable and popular the satin pumps had all different types of shoes but most of them had a design or sequence on the heel.

The men wore Low cut boots with soft and comfortable insides. one thing that almost all mens boots were they would have a zipper running along one side of the boot.


jewlery for women

Necklaces came in two varieties beaded or ribbon chokers and long strands of glass beads and pearls. Sometimes these long strands of gems also became used as loose belts hanging from the hips.

Earrings are long drops for both day and evening. The chandelier shape was a favorite. Gem colors often matched dresses and or other accessories. Bracelets were a major fashion accessories in the 20′s from cuffs to battalions of bangles. They were thick and usually made of gold or bright colored plastic like materials. Bracelets worn on the upper arm were called slave bracelets.

accessories for men

1920′s Fashion for men was the start of menswear as we know it today. Only a little bit of changes in menswear have come about since the 1920′s. It was a time of classic sophistication with a level of fun that I haven’t seen since. Suit colors were mostly neutral but the accessories popped with vibrant colors- just like they did for women’s 1920′s fashion. Popular Tv shows such as Boardwalk Empire and Downtown Abby have brought back the appeal for 1920s mens suits today.

Different attire for different ocasions

During this time the women mostly wore different dresses for different occasions but the men wore suits for most everything.

This was a very common mug shot of gangsters

This is a wedding dress that would show that this women was very wealthy and knew how to have fun.

This type of shoes is the most popular type of shoes in the 1920s