Econovile Consititution

By: Mohammed Rahman and Jorge Rodriguez


In order to create a better, or even a more perfect union, there will be safety in the communities, stable keeping of economy, people have the right to speak, people must work for their own benefit, insure domestic peace, provide justice with defense, keep our civilized manner, and keep this constitution in order to keep our union right.

Government Branches

Mo Branch: headed by congress, has the House of Nintendo and the Sony controls the army, makes laws, approve treaties, make peace with domestic countries, Impeach officials. (Makes Laws)

Jo Branch: Heat of state, enforces laws, makes appointments, receives and controls taxes, makes money..

(Enforces Laws)

Gav Branch: Spends Taxes, reviews and interprets laws, makes things unconstitutional, court cases. (Interprets Laws)


Mo Branch: President, Army, Domestic Organizer.

Jo Branch: Vice President, Governor, Manager, Lt. Governor, Mayor.

Gav Branch: Cabinet


1st Amendment: All citizens have rights and all of them have equal rights.

2nd Amendment: All citizens must pay tax.

3rd Amendment: Citizens get to pick what they get to do and spend, governments and owners will tell them what to do if the conditions are met.

4th Amendment: The government will protect the citizens and can not treat them unfairly.

5th Amendment: All citizens will have a fair trial to prove their innocence.


The government will generate money with tax. Tax will be collected from bills and products people buy. People will pay 5% extra, that extra money will go to the government.

Government Officials

normal government officials have the decision to leave once they are 50 or older. They will be elected buy a national vote. An electoral college will be made in order to decide who the president will be. A national vote will be placed to see who it will be. The president will run a 4 year term before being re-elected.

Amending The Consitution

To amend the constitution an official from the Mo Branch must introduce it. In congress it will be decided if it passes. Once it passes the Jo Branch will decide if it will enforce it by a vote there. And the Gav Branch will decide if it will be unconstitutional. Finally it will be ratified by the states.

The Governments Purpose

The government collects money in order to spend it and make the economy better by buying things for it.

An Individual to Citizen

An individual can become a citizen by being born there. If they are an immigrant they need to live in our econovile for 5 years. They can also have to read, write and speak proper English and take the econovile history test.

Civic Duties

They must follow the laws.
Pay taxes and bills.

Political Parties

Political parties do not help, or have any roles in the political process.

Local Governments

They must only act and decide on local problems. These can go up to an illness in the city or town.

Ensuring Justice

The government will ensure justice by protecting the citizens, taking no sides in court cases, and establishing peace in the econovile or with outside nations.

What do the government provide

They provide goods and services which can help the economy in any way.

The government also influences economic activity but paying for goods and services and keeping it stable.

Protecting Rights

The government protects consumer and property rights by giving them a fair trial, letting them decide to do what they do unless necessary and giving treating them fairy.

Qualifications For Voting

They must be at least 18 older. They must have a job and also a job which gets them at least $2000 or more per month. They also have to at least pass high school.

Individuals and Interest Groups

Individuals only effect policy makers by giving them new ideas and giving them support. Interest Groups give things to the policy makers and make their own ideas.