By Walter Dean Myers

"They take away your shoelaces and your belt so you can’t kill yourself no matter how bad it is. I guess making you live is part of the punishment.” This is how Steve Harmon feels when he is staying in the jail, because he is on trial.

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"My job is to make sure the law works for you as well as against you, and to make you a human being in the eyes of the jury.” O'brien stated this to Steve Harmon while he was on trail, for the murder of a conveinient store clerk. What would you do if you were on trail for something that you did not do? That question might be surreal for us, but it came a harsh reality for Steve Harmon. The book Monster is about a young boy who becomes faced with the thought that he may get 25 years to life in prison. During the trial he encounters problems with other immates, his parents, and his mental health. The book will leave you in dismay wondering what will happen next, and the most imporant part, the verdict.

The book got a raving review of 3.6 stars acording to Good Reads!

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What would you do if you had to leave your family behind and go to jail? Especially if you should not be in jail? Your mind will begin to wonder when you read "Monster". Be the first of your friends to discover what it might be like to be acused of something that you did not do!

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