Math Design Collaborative

MDC for grades 3 - 8 - Oct 20-21, 2016

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Two Day Math Design Collaborative Session

BLaST will be offering a two day Math Design Collaborative session at the Williamsport IU office. This will be for all teachers of grades 3-8, both regular education teachers and teachers of specialized instruction.

Williamsport BLaST Office Dates: Math Design Collaborative, Grades 3-8

Day 1 October 20
Day 2 - October 21

Assessment for Learning in Mathematics

- Connecting math practice to standards
- Types of formative assessment in the classroom
- What students need to know and do for success
- Feedback for Student Learning
- Experience with MDC FAL

Formative Assessments through Math Design Collaborative

- Problem solving FALS
- Collaborative Problem Solving and Decision Making
- Experience with MDC FAL
- Questioning and Questioning Resources
3 MDC in the classroom REV

Engagement, Formative Assessment and Learning

Enjoy the above video which depicts the Math Design Collaborative. See and hear, from teachers and students, about their experiences of the Formative Assessment for Learning Lessons.

Math Design Collaborative Provides Teachers with:

- Formative Assessment Lessons (FALS) to engage students in productive struggle
- Lessons/Activities to build fluency with their procedural skills,
- Formats to deepen student mathematical reasoning and understanding.

Benefits for Students are:

- Allows students to talk about multiple representations of answers to the same problem.
- Guides and develops team approach to problem solving.
- Students become risk takers in persevering through problem solving and concepts.