THE ASK: An Event Just For Men

A 5-Hour Event To Increase Your Intimacy With Women

THE ASK: is designed to make you the lover women dream of.

George Streeter is a sought after advisor of men in the area of women, relationships and sex.

Professionals hire George to:

Gain knowledge of how to communicate with the opposite sex.

Increase the frequency of intimacy with the opposite sex.

Develop greater skill and capability as a lover.

Competency being attentive to a woman's signals.

Proficiently manage life and relationships.


Saturday, July 27th 2013 at 10:30am-4:30pm

In San Francisco exact location to be announced

THE ASK teaches you 1 of the 29 keys to intimacy with a woman. This Workshop is a fun, guided way to create a personalized strategy for Intimacy with the opposite sex.

THE ASK is a gimmick-free, illusion-free strategy designed to help you attract women and have the fun, intimacy and freedom you want.

To Register Online@

To Register Online:

THE ASK: Learn the plays to make life more fun in a 3-step workshop based on the 29 keys to intimacy found in THE SCORE.

1. THE SWEEP: Stop habits that kill intimacy.

2. THE DRAW: Learn powerful communication that women understand.

3. THE GO: Develop skills to increase intimacy.

Phone (415) 766-0397