Hello from West Ridge Middle School

The English Classes of Mrs. Schoch and Mrs. Kriese

Enjoy our slide show, and experience being deep in the heart of Texas with us!


The Texas Tenors - Deep in the Heart of Texas by TheTexasTenorsSoundCloud

About Our School

West Ridge Middle School has about 840 students from 6th to 8th grade. It was built in 1987. It is located in the suburbs west of Austin, Texas, in the United States.

  • 77% of the students in our six classes have traveled outside the United States
  • 90% are studying a second language in school
  • 32% have a second language spoken in the home
  • Second languages spoken in the home include Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Telugu, Hindi, Bengali, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, German, Malayalam, Japanese, and Tamil

Class Favorites

Here are some photos of our classes. Click on the links in the pictures to see some of our favorite things.


To learn more about Austin, click on the slide show below. Students from all six classes put together the presentation using an iPad app called Haiku Deck.


Texas Slide Show and Song

This YouTube video begins with a map of Texas and has beautiful pictures of Texas scenery.

If it wasn't for Texas

Good-bye from Texas!

We look forward to working with y'all!


Texas The Eyes Of Texas Fanfare by sportsbrothersr

Our Contact Information

West Ridge Middle School
9201 Scenic Bluff Drive
Austin, Texas USA 78733

Tracy Kriese
You can read our class blog and individual student blogs at http://wrmstkriese.edublogs.org

Lorie Schoch
You can read our class blog and individual student blogs at http://lorieschoch.edublogs.org