Julia Brace

By: Beijie K

The first 18 years

• Julia was born on June 13 1807 in Newington, Connecticut

• She lost hearing and eyesight from typhus fever at the age of 4 years and 5 months

• Soon forgot the few words she learned

• She did acquire American Sign Language from the resident people but she was the only blind person there

• She had no sorts of education till she was 18 years old

Her Life😱

• She went to school for 30 years

• She went to the American Asylum for the deaf and dumb

• She was kind and trustworthy that she entrusted with the sucks and made an excellent nurse.

• Besides being the only blind person, she could knit and was beginning to look like a celebrity

The Other Side

• She was very protective of her rights and never got involved in others either

• Julia was known to not deceive anyone

• Was known for being feisty, curious, and independent

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The last Years🙏

• She enrolled at Perkins School Of the blind in April 6 1842

• She left the left the Perkins school, to go back to Hartford, where she continued to study after a year until 1860

• Julia went to go live with her sister in Bloomington, Connecticut, where she became paralyzed and bedridden

• Julia Brace died on August 12, 1884, when she was only 77 years old

• She was buried in Western Hill Cemetery, with an unmarked grave

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