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Fun and Educational Summer Camp

June 26–September 1, 2023

Mondays–Fridays, 8am–6pm

Early drop-off and late pick-up available

In-Person Location: 2561 Rt 10 East, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Register at bit.ly/vsacamp23 by March 15 to save 35% off camp tuition

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Register by March 15 to save 35% off!

VSA and Huckleberry have teamed up to offer our best-loved classes for the best camp of the season! Our 2023 Fun and Educational Summer Camp offers our best-loved programs with everything from intensive academics and Public Speaking to Outdoor Oasis, Mad Science, Global Speaker Series, Arts and Crafts, and so much more. VSA is excited to partner with Huckleberry to offer an expanded camp program of outdoor activity and indoor fun! Register at bit.ly/vsacamp23 by March 15 to save 35% off camp tuition.

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Virtual reality builds teamwork

Games are a great way to engage young minds — and as it turns out, cutting-edge virtual reality games offer a host of benefits for players! Virtual reality can help kids build teamwork and communication skills, improve fine motor skills, and work on attention and focus. Immersive experiences through virtual reality games can also help kids unwind from their own stressors in the environment.

Virtual Reality Camp Activities

Here at VSA Future, we’re excited to incorporate VR into our 2023 Fun and Educational Summer Camp. We’re working together with Huckleberry to ensure our summer scholars in Morris Plains, NJ, have the brain breaks they need, while getting the creative enrichment they crave at Huckleberry’s 15,000 square-foot location. Because camp is chock full of academic classes to prepare students ahead of the fall semester, we’ve designed a schedule that builds in time for play. VSA’s partnership with Huckleberry means our in-person campers have access to immersive 360-degree and multiplayer simulator games, for a summer that’s as thrilling as it is intellectually challenging.


VR Chair: Play 100 VR movies and games

What kinds of VR experiences can campers expect this summer? Huckleberry has secured a VR chair with a touch screen game controller, an immersive motion platform, and more than 100 VR movies and games, including roller coaster, racetrack, dinosaur, and adventure games. The panoramic VR content is continuously updated so kids can always check back for a new delight.

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Multi-Player Virtual Reality Games

Huckleberry is also offering team VR games. Campers can work collaboratively on common goals in the Virtual Reality Multi-Player Matrix Space, an elevated online multiplayer experiences that far exceeds any regular game of laser tag! Equipped with VR headsets and point-and-shoot controllers, campers in the designated play area experience games in a truly immersive, engaging way. The Matrix Spaces provides several different themed multiplayer virtual reality team games, from taking down predators in Jurassic World Warfare to banding together against fantasy monsters in Starship Troopers.

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Unforgettable VR memories this summer!

Sure, VR games are just plain fun. But getting exposure to VR outside of the classroom also means students become more tech-savvy and equipped to navigate other forms of technology in their lives. Plus, our virtual reality offerings are just one more way for our campers to bond with each other and build unforgettable memories this summer!

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Fun activities at VSA Huckleberry Camp

The VR equipment available to summer campers at Huckleberry and VSA Future’s Morris Plains, NJ, location is part of a whole suite of fun activities designed to keep students creatively and physically engaged during our 2023 Fun and Educational Camp. Our Outdoor Oasis includes a jungle gym, playground set, and much more. Counselors lead daily activities, including freeze dances, foot races, and bean bag tosses, while Free Play gives campers the freedom to imagine and collaborate together while getting a workout.

Campers will have access to VR technology during designated camp times. Our 2023 camp runs from June 26 to September 1, 2023, for grades Pre-K through Grade 8.

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Register by March 15 to Save Big!

Ready to embark on summer adventures with us?

To save 35% off camp tuition, register at bit.ly/vsacamp23 by March 15.

Learn more and sign up at vsafuture.com/summer/. We look forward to seeing you!

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VSA Future: Meet our Summer Camp 2022 Teachers!

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