Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?

by: Alexandra Kelley

Who was the one that pushed Macbeth over the edge?

As the three sisters told Macbeth about the prophecy of him being King Macbeth never knew how that was to be if the king was already in thrown. The three sisters told Macbeth he would be king, but he needed to help the process by killing the king that was already there. Macbeth went home and told Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth could never be king; she could be queen but that wasn't enough power for her. Lady Macbeth knew the only way to get power was through her husband.

About Lady Macbeth:

Lady Macbeth craves power. She loves her husband and he loves her and he'd do just about anything to keep her happy. When Macbeth tells her about the three witches and the prophecy Lady Macbeth says it must be done. He must kill to get to the top of the totem pole. She wasn't going to do it because she's a lady and if he wants to be king he must do it himself.

The killing

When King Duncan comes to congratulate Macbeth they all sit down for a very nice dinner. Lady Macbeth has convinced Macbeth to kill the king. Macbeth sits in a dark space debating if it's worth it. He goes to Duncan's room while he sleeps and in the back of his mind he's saying no, but Lady Macbeth's voice is the stronger among the two saying do it. So he stabs Duncan to his death.

The aftermath

As Duncan is killed and no one has any idea who did it. Macbeth hides his secret. Lady Macbeth is having traumatizing nightmares about the past killing. She wanders in the night around the castle to relive she did and saw. He is accused of killing Duncan but fails to deny it. He goes crazy one night seeing the ghost of Banquo at dinner sitting in an empty chair. He still wont tell anyone the terrible killing secret. Lady Macbeth was also at the killing and nor will she tell anyone the secret. They both lie to keep out of trouble, but neither of the hiding it or keeping it a secret will help for long. When Lady Macbeth sleep walks and goes crazy she is then caught. She then confesses that the both of them killed Duncan. She then can't be helped she goes mentally insane and dies.
White Liar by Miranda Lambert [Lyrics]

White Liar by: Miranda Lambert

this song shows says that both him and her are lying. they both confess to the killing of Duncan, but still keep it as hidden as possible.