Special Education Department Weekly

September 23, 2015

Professional Development

The Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition (OSSPEAC) provides a united voice for those Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists employed in the educational setting. The OSSPEAC Fall Conference is October 11-13 and will be attended this year by Peggy Kmetz and Anne Marie Carey. The lineup is absolutely awesome so take a look at the link above to get a preview of the valuable professional development that will gained by Peggy and Anne Marie. I look forward to hearing about!

The Special Education Leadership Conference hosted by the Ohio Department of Education - Office of Exceptional Children is on September 30th and October 1st. The conference will be attended by Teresa Karsnak, Bethany Britt, Drew Kuzmickas, and Andy Trujillo. We are eager to bring back valuable updates to help move the district forward.

The Fall Ohio Association of Administrators of State and Federal Education Programs (OAASFEP) Fall Conference is October 12-14 and will be attended by Bethany Britt as the person overseeing the Alternative Challenge Grant for our department. The conference will also be attended by Treasurer, George Anagnostou and Assistant Superintendent, Jenni Pelko.

Science with Miss Sullivan!

Albion Middle School Intervention Specialist Miss Sullivan is teaching students the structures of a cell using a very large sugar cookie. Students had fun using frosting, licorice, and other candies to represent the cytoplasm, cell wall, nucleus and other parts of the cell. Great job engaging the students Miss Sullivan and even better job keeping most of the treats on the table and not the bellies!
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Special Education Department Weekly - Library of Releases

Parent Support Group

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 6:30pm

18700 Westwood Drive

Cleveland, OH

Parent Mentor, Teresa Karsnak leads these sessions to engage parents of students with disabilities in collaborative discussion and informational items relevant to how our district serves the students. This is great information to share with parents. If you have specific questions about this event Teresa can be contacted at 440-572-6593 or by email at tkarsnak@scsmustangs.org.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Wednesday, Oct. 21st, 6:30pm

15650 Pearl Road

Strongsville, OH

SEAC meets to discuss important topics related to special education. Please consider joining us.