Descend to London Below!

Neverwhere - By Neil Gaiman - A Fantasy Novel

"Something whispered and shivered and changed...and the door collapsed into darkness. - The Lady Door
Tired of living a boring life in London? Desperately need a change? Come to London Below for the time of your life. London Below is a vibrant city that exists below London's streets, and is something only a select few know about. Visit attractions such as the Floating Market, selling everything you could ever want, the mysterious, thrilling Night's Bridge, and Down Street, which will lead you to the legendary angel Islington. If he likes you, he may even give you some of his famous wine from Atlantis! Food is also easy to get and is wonderful - the Floating Market has phenomenal food (curry is a speciality)! Accommodation may be more difficult to find, but the Black Friar's doors are always open. Travel to London Below is remarkably easy - it only takes a second, and is as exhilarating as described by the Lady Door in her review! However, you will need someone from London Below to get here, so contact the Marquis de Carabas at Orme Passage. . London Below will give you the time of your life...or even your death.
Disclaimer: We are not responsible if the Marquis is in a bad mood and will not take you to London Below, or if you have a run in with Mr.Croup and Mr.Vandermar (who are extremely unpleasant and may torture and kill you). We are also not responsible if Night's Bridge consumes you and you are never seen again, or if the angel Islington turns out to be a traitor. You will be issued a bodyguard, but we cannot guarantee that they will not turn traitor either - it's happened before. Other than that, we hope that you have a wonderful holiday in London Below and make it back alive.