Best month EVER in RUBY RED history! Congrats to ALL!!

HUGE Congrats to everyone for the month of November!

Ruby Red blew me AWAY last month. I can't even believe what YOU did. Whether you sold $21,789 (Brigid Reisch) or styled on the go - YOU made a difference. As a team we hit STAR DIRECTOR TEAM! That is amazing! So many of you have asked how I've felt about this promotion....and it's honestly hard to put into words.

This promotion was not about me - it was about the sum of ALL of you which is Team Ruby Reds. It was about all of your big dreams and hard work. It was about not quitting and always believing. It was about ACHIEVING. We had over 30 team promotions - look at all of these beautiful faces below! You inspired others and changed lives - including mine - so THANK you from the bottom of my heart.

If you think this is ain't seen nothing yet! All of YOU have Star Director Potential! Five years ago today....I was just a stylist two weeks into my business. YOU can achieve anything if you believe and achieve. This business isn't about's about helping other women change their lives for the better. It's about helping them achieve goals and lifestyles they never thought possible! It's about helping them Style their Life so they can live a JOYFUL life.

Ask Yourself...."What If?" ... and then you fill in the rest.

What if you sponsored this month - you and her go onto be STAR by Hoopla!
What if you had two January Shows on the books before Christmas?
What if you did EVERY challenge of our 12 Days of Ruby Redazzle?

What would the results be? I think you will be AMAZED!

So let's make the MOST of the last 23 Days of December! #ibelieve!




Brigid Reisch - $21,798

TOP In SALES - Stellar Sellers!:

Kristy Pauly - $15,125

Jennifer Bitar - $9,363

Adrienne Ayala - $8,431

Heather Jencks - $7,295

Ashley Jones - $7,161

Leah Hermesch - $6,438

Anne Walton - $6,359

Tara Renze - $6,351

Jessie Schneider - $6,340

Christina Kamberis - $6,227

Jennifer Salmans - $6,165

Magdalena Lopez - $6,035

Mandy Stephenson - $5,714

Leslie Staver - $5,599

Meredith Young5,530

Laura Tuohy - $5,211

Kara Cowie - $5,104

Jennifer White - $5,040


Tara Renze

Star Director & Founding Leader
Stella & Dot Independent Stylists
And YOUR Biggest Fan!