The Green Revolution

Discover the Benefits

The Basics:

Norman Borloug was the "father of the Green Revolution." He and a team of scientists came up with the concept.

The Green Revolution had three basic elements:

  1. Continued expansion of farming areas.
  2. Double-cropping existing farmland.
  3. Using seeds with improved genetics.

To generate more food, more land has to be used. The land is used more efficiently by harvesting two crops per field each year rather than one. Genetically improved seeds allow farmers to have more successful crops.


The Green Revolution will greatly impact the way you farm. By joining, you will begin choosing crops with higher yields and genetically modified seeds. You will start to produce crops quickly and more successfully, which also means you will be able to sell more and make more money.

Starving Citizens:

No fear, citizens! The Green Revolution will also impact you! For the farmers to work faster, they are going to need more help to plant and harvest seeds. The economy will pick up and more jobs will be created. This will allow for the overall quality of life to improve along with higher incomes per capita.


The increase in cash flow will cause the farmers to want a more efficient means of production. New inventions in the agricultural field will allow for the farmers to speed up processes and gain more money in the long run. This will also stimulate manufacturing growth in other sectors of the economy, thus creating even more jobs.