Ms. Chen's Class


Dear students and parents,
First, I would like to welcome you to my class. My name is Daisy Chen. I come from Taipei, Taiwan. This is my first year in Joy Chinese Elementary School. I am thrilled to have a wonderful semester with you and your children. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Educational Game

Dear Parents

Technology has become an essential part of education. To be able to live, learn, and work successfully in our information-rich society, students must be able to use technology effectively. This week, I am going to share students an online educational game. The game is called “Salty or Sweet”. It is an easy operating game for your young children. Please take some time playing this game with your child.

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Autumn Is Coming

Dear parents,

Can you believe we have made it through an entire month of school?

We have been so busy since the first day of school. Students engaged in many multiple assessments, learning routines and expectations during part of the month. Now, it is a good time for us to slow down our steps and enjoy this beautiful season. Autumn is coming. Autumn is the season of the harvest, it is also the season we should be thankful. The school is going to have several events celebrating this beautiful and meaningful season. Please check our school newsletter to follow up autumn events. I am looking forward to your participation.

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Highlights of The Week

Dear all parents,

There is a charity event in our community this week.

Breakfast is especially critical for children's development. No one thinks it is suitable for children learning on an empty stomach. There is a local bakery, Aunt Jamie's Bakery, is going to raise free breakfast funds for students who cannot afford a food plan in school. The local bakery is going to donate all merchant profit of October 24th. Please feel free to join this kind community event.

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Eating Health

Dear parents,

This year, there is a new school policy which you may need to know. The districts and school want to promote children healthy eating habit. The school welcomes children bring their home-made lunch to school. But, please make sure your children don't bring chips, candies, and sodas to school. The school is trying to convey a healthy eating habit for young children. The school needs your help to make sure our next generation eats better and eat healthier.

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