Certified Staff Meeting Notes

January 7, 2016

Students in Crisis in the Community

Kelly and Terry reviewed the steps to take to address students who are in crisis in the community. Staff members should utilize appropriate techniques that work for the student in question. If none of these techniques are working, or if the situation appears to be unsafe, please contact Terry or Kelly. They will come to you location and assess the situation. If the student crisis cannot be resolved after this, the on-site administrator may contact the student's parents or, as a last resort, law enforcement. We ask that you refrain from moving the student on your own as CPI techniques require team intervention. If you have any question please see Terry or Kelly in the office.

Brag Day and Coffee with Dr. Craig

On January 7, Dr. Craig toured the school to see the wonderful things going on in our classrooms. He stopped in rooms to interact with students and to ask questions about our program. Dr. Craig had many positive things to say about our school, our students, and our staff. Later that same day, Dr. Craig stopped in to talk to staff at his annual "Coffee with the Superintendent" event. Staff members asked him questions about various topics ranging from electric changing tables to the future plans for the Early Childhood Education Center. Dr. Craig has been working with various district administrators, including building administrators at Hope Wall, to provide feedback on some of the questions that were raised.

Updates on Summer Work

Much work is planned for Hope D. Wall School in the coming months. The parking lot project should resume as soon as the weather warms up and the paving companies open back up in the spring. No specific date has been set for this as of yet. Beginning in July, a large section of the school will undergo asbestos abatement. A map of the proposed work area was distributed to staff at the meeting. Staff members requested that building administrators order boxes to assist in packing up classrooms at the end of the year. Boxes will be ordered in ample enough numbers to address the packing needs of the impacted areas. Around the same time in July, our canopy is slated to be installed along the front of the building. While no final design plan for the canopy has been approved, building and district administrators have been in discussions to come up with a viable plan that meets the needs of our students. District administrators have asked to meet with staff to update you on our construction projects. Please plan to meet with them at our January 29 all staff meeting.

Meeting to Update on Capital Projects

Friday, Jan. 29th, 8am

Hope Wall School

Opportunity to learn about what the plans are for construction this summer.

SEPAC Parent Night

The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) will be hosting a series of Parent Mentor Nights. The Hope Wall Parent Mentor Night will be on March 9, 2016. That event will consist of a brief introduction describing our program and the great things we do here. After that, parents will be encouraged to talk to one another about their experiences here at Hope Wall. We would like to get a few parents to be mentors who can keep the conversations going and act as resources to other parents. Additionally, we need some ideas for some basic conversation starters that we can use to keep the event moving. A few staff members have graciously volunteered to attend the event, but there is certainly room for a few more.

Please send Terry the names of any parents you think would make good mentors for this event. Also, please send Terry any conversation starters that would be useful for this event.

SEPAC Parent Night

Wednesday, March 9th, 6pm

449 West New Indian Trail Court

Aurora, IL

Parent Mentor Night at Hope Wall!

Quick Hits

Student Illness Protocol

Vicki Hellyer updated the staff on procedures used to determine if a student needs to be send home or needs to stay home as a result of an illness. She distributed two informational sheets regarding this subject. If you need a copy of those sheets or you have additional questions, please see Vicki in the nurse's office.

Parent Drop-in Visits

If parents are planning to visit your classroom to observe, please notify the office so Kelly or Terry can make arrangements to accompany the parent for the visit. Likewise, if a parent drops in unexpectedly, the office will notify the classroom that a parent will be observing. In either case, we ask that observations be no longer than 30 minutes. Additionally, the parent will be accompanied by an administrator for the duration of the visit. These protocols are in place to minimize the disruption to the learning environment of all students in the class and the building.

Supporting Colleagues in Building Initiatives

Please make an effort to provide positive support to your colleagues when they plan events for the school community. Success can be measured in a variety of way. We all should be positive and encouraging of our colleagues efforts to plan creative and informative parent programs.

Hope Corp: March of Dimes Project

The Hope Wall Transition community outreach project known as Hope Corp will be participating in the March of Dime's event "March for Babies." The event is a 5K walk at the Naperville Riverwalk on April 17, 2016. Jesse Cuddy and Lynette Olexa will be organizing a Hope Wall team to walk in the event. All staff members are invited and encouraged to participate in the event.

Oh...there one more little thing...

Jesse Cuddy will be sending out an email with the link to the March of Dimes fundraising page. Each class will be able to register under their own name. If the entire school is able to raise over $1000, then the class with the highest fundraising total will get the opportunity to throw a pie (or a few pies...details haven't been whipped up yet) in the faces of your fearless leaders, Terry and Kelly.

Look for more details to come from the Hope Corp team!

Agenda Items for the Next Certified

If you think of anything to add to the next certified staff meeting agenda, please email Terry or Kelly.