All About Me❤️‍

By: Kana Gueye

I was born on July 31st, 2000 ♌

(I am 14 years old!)
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I live in the Northeast area of Philadelphia, PA

Favorite color- Purple

Favorite book- The Coldest Winter Ever

Favorite food- Calamari

Favorite show- Grey's Anatomy

I want to be a surgeon when I am older!💉✂️

The main reason why I want to be a surgeon is because I can help people who either want or need things done to their bodies and also because I can operate on people which is cool.

My family:

I live with my Mom (Aisha), Dad (Abdou) , younger and older sister (Najah & Kosso) and my brother (Razakh). I really enjoy hanging out and spending time with my friends and family no matter where i'm at (school, home, the movies etc,.,) My fathers side of the family is Senegalese/Malian and my mothers is mixed with African American and Caucasian.

Why did I represent myself this way?

I choose to represent part of my life in a Smore poster because I knew that it would allow me to keep my self-expressions brief but still accurate. I am constructing my identity not only based on my parents history but i'm also trying to create my own in a way. I make good choices as a teenager because I know that every action you take has a consequence. My self-portrait may differ from how others define me.