Ruszala Review

Week of October 17, 2016

Classroom Volunteers

At open house I had parents sign up to volunteer. Could you please let me know what you are interested in helping with? I need the following volunteers. I especially need two room parents. Please.... and ..... thank you!

1. Two room parents Mrs. Cherry & _________________

2. Snowflake Breakfast

3. Halloween treat bags Mrs. Flores

4. Thanksgiving treat....cupcakes?

5. Holiday party

6. Valentines Day treat

7. St. Patrick's Day treat

7. Spring treats before spring break

8. End of the year party

Wallops Island Rocket

I am not sure if anyone saw the rocket launch from Wallops Island. Here is a picture over the house. I had a better view and tried to film it, but it didn't work. Here is the picture though!
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Oysters, Oysters, Oysters!

Check out the boys and girls taking a random sample and measuring oysters! I couldn't post everyone today, because some of the pictures didn't turn out because of the sun. I will post them next time! They did a great job today. Friday will be our field trip, where they can collect data on the Lynnhaven River! I still need two volunteers if you are interested. The field trip will be from 10:15-12:15 this Friday!

Oyster Field Trip is October 21st!

We will be having our first oyster field trip this Friday. We will be going on Friday, October 21st, from 10:15-12:15. The boys and girls should wear comfortable clothes that they don't mind getting a litte dirty. Thank you so much for returning the field trip forms so quickly. Additionally, thank you so much to our volunteers for Friday! We appreciate you so much!

Volunteers for October Oyster Field Trip

1. Ms. Cistola

2. Mr. Savino

3. Mr. Becker

4 Mr. Becker's father

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Dear parents & guardians,

Please see below what we are covering this coming week in science, math, and language arts. Additionally, I am beginning to have parent/teacher conferences for those who are interested in meeting with me or having one by phone. Also, I am beginning to schedule volunteers for field trips. We will have roughly ten field trips this year. There is plenty of space available for everyone to help at different times. Below is a picture of Ms. Dungan and me placing the oysters in the floats and then into the water. This is where the students will be going on the oyster field trips. How lucky we are! What an exciting year it is going to be for all involved! Thank you Ms. Cistola for arranging this site for us!

All the best,

Julie Ruszala

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Diamondback Terrapin Field Trip at the Brock Center

October 24th is the field trip to the Brock Center. I will need four volunteers for this field trip. Volunteers should be available from 9:00 am until 12 pm. There is one catch though. The volunteers will be leading small groups through the lessons prepared by the Brock Center. Groups will have six students or less, so you would lead one lesson four times. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out with this exciting field trip. Leading the groups are not difficult. I went to training this summer, and everything is spelled out for the person leading each group.

It looks like Mrs. Stephenson, Mrs. Cherry, Mrs. Wade, and Ms. Armolt will be our volunteers. We are complete on volunteers for the Brock Center field trip!

Thanks so much to these ladies!

Parent Teacher Conferences

If you would like to schedule a conference to discuss your child's progress this year, please email me the date and time you would like. Below are the available spots that I have for the next two weeks. The conferences will be first come first serve. I will try my best to meet with those who would like to meet with me. Remember, if you can't come in because you have other obligations, I am also available for a phone conference. I will also have some dates and times in November.
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Presently, the students are working on estimation and computation of whole numbers with single and multistep word problems.

• I can estimate sums, differences, and products.

• I can determine the sum or difference of two whole numbers.

• I can find the product of two whole numbers.

• I can use estimation to determine if my answer is reasonable.

Think Before You Add

Think Before You Subtract

Estimating to Add and Subtract

Multiplication Facts

Your child should be practicing multiplication facts on a nightly basis. I would buy or make some flashcards and begin in the following order and would not move on to the next fact family until the first fact family is memorized. I have also added some links to my page. First, begin with: zero, one, two, five, ten, three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, eleven, and twelve. Students also can work on Ten Marks completing assignments or practicing math facts as well. They may enjoy practicing their facts on my page, because there are competitions going on with other students from my class. It is exciting to see them come into the classroom and congratulate their classmates. I have added one link which has all of the tables zero-twelve. I hope this helps!

Language Arts


The boys and girls have been working very hard with narrative writing this week. As a class we are doing Writer's Workshop. Students are writing a personal narrative on the best thing that has ever happened to them. Presently, students are finishing up their first drafts. Next week, students will begin revising their writing. Additionally, the boys and girls have also been summarizing nonfiction text on climate patterns. They have learned how to summarize using the Hamburger Model. Our summaries are not looking like the Baconator from Wendy's. Our summaries are looking like the hamburgers eaten on Man vs. Food! Please ask your child about the Hamburger Model.

  • I can write clearly about a single topic for others to read and understand.
  • I can produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to the task, audience, and purpose.

  • I can revise my writing using specific vocabulary to enhance my writing.

(Hamburger of Epic Proportions, Retrieved on October 15, 2016, from


Please have your child read at least 20 minutes a night. If your child struggles with reading or does not like to read, go to the public library and check out a book on tape that they might like along with the book. Have your son or daughter follow along with the book on tape. This really helps a child in many ways. It assists them with word recognition, vocabulary, and fluency. It also engages children and makes the reading more exciting to them.

  • I can summarize during and after reading and include supporting details.

  • I can identify the main idea or theme and the major events and details that support the main idea or theme.

Literary Elements

Literary Genre


The children can go to to practice their new word lists for prefixes, roots, and suffixes. They can also review literary elements and literary genre from

  • I can use context clues to clarify meanings of unfamiliar words.




A Big Shout Out to Mia!

Thank you to Mia for finding us a wonderful place to nurture the oysters for the Pearl Program. We will be going to Mr. Jim Boyd's dock on our oyster field trips. We will take roughly one field trip every four weeks to care for the oysters. I will inform you of the field trip roughly one week prior to our trip. I will need four parents for each trip to help manage and keep an eye on the students. Mr. Boyd has a wonderful setup with his docks, and the children are in for a very special experience this year. Thank you Mia!
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