Wilson Weekly

Week of Feb 26th, 2018

Get Out And VOTE!

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Action Items

  • Early Voting - This coming Friday (March 2nd) is the last day for Early Voting. The final opportunity to have your voice heard will be Election Day on March 6th. Please take the time to vote! Curious about where your candidates stand on public education? Check out "Teach The Vote."
  • GE Coaching Visit - If you are a part of the 2 GE Coaching Days this week, please be sure to give Andi your GE "Self-Assessment" by Tuesday. You simply need to highlight/underline the Practices you feel are your strengths!
  • TELPAS Writing Samples - TELPAS Writing Samples are due to Mary on Friday! Please reference your manual and/or the Google Slides Kaylyn emailed the staff regarding criteria for writing collections. Make sure you hand them to Mary or Kaylyn and not put them in Mary’s box or on her desk. Let Mary or Kaylyn know if you have questions!

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GE Coaching Days

ReGina will be here Wednesday and Thursday for 2 full days of GE Coaching. Please review the schedule below for details. A sub will be provided for the afternoon session.

Please be sure to give Andi your GE Practices "Self-Assessment" by Tuesday.

Mac "Key Chain"

Tired of trying to remember the annoying Key Chain password any time you restart your Mac? Check out these instructions from Amanda on how to disable the feature.
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STAAR Online

Please read below for information from Kaylyn regarding STAAR Online testing...


The updated STAAR online testing tutorials are now available through the STAAR online testing platform. The new online features are available. These are designed to provide both learners and staff the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the online testing
environment and embedded tools. It is expected that all learners participating in an online test administration will complete the tutorials prior to testing.

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PLC in Your PJs

Click here to sign up to participate and for more information on Twitter Chat dates. Remember, this is a great opportunity for flex hours!

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Garden Curriculum Ideas... Easy As 1, 2, 3

Looking for a few new garden ideas and resources to integrate into your garden instruction? If so, then check out these resources provided by Real School Gardens:

1) One way to open every experience is with an OPI activity based on a picture or a real life scenario. Learners first make three OBSERVATIONs, then two PREDICTIONS, and finally one INFERENCE. Another take on this activity is a MUT. Learners must first identify something that can be MEASURED, then identify the most appropriate UNIT of measurement, and finally the TOOL they would use to complete the task.

2) The Real School Gardens curriculum is a work in progress. They have recently added video tutorials for a few new lessons including:

  • Measurement - Standard Units of Length (2nd)

  • Science - Traits of a Plant (3rd)

  • Letters/Beginning Sounds in the Garden (K-1)

  • Math - Angles of the Sun (4th)

They plan to add additional lessons (both from the old curriculum and new ideas over the summer. Follow this link to access the curriculum: http://www.realschoolgardens.org/

3) The RSG curriculum includes a reference sheet with garden related book recommendations. Two that were highlighted at our most recent are:

  • Two Old Potatoes and Me by John Coy

  • The Runaway Garden by Jeffrey Schatzer

The later would make an engaging anchor text for a personification lesson!

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Week At A Glance


  • Kinder Collaborative Team Time
  • Digital Learning Day Queso Party! - Library
  • SBDM Meeting - CANCELLED - We will reschedule.


  • 3rd Collaborative Team Time
  • 1st Grade Design Day
  • Cooper @ Principal Meeting (AM)


  • 2nd Collaborative Team Time
  • 4th Grade Design Day
  • GE Coaching Day
  • Cooper Off Campus for Training
  • Vertical Team Meeting - if needed


  • 1st Collaborative Team Time
  • 5th Grade Design Day
  • GE Coaching Day
  • Musical - 1:30 (#CantWait)
  • Musical - 7:00pm


  • 4th Collaborative Team Time
  • Rise & Shine
  • DLI Applications Due
  • TELPAS Writing Samples Due
  • Musical - 7:00pm

Saturday - Musical - 2:00pm