(In World War 1)

How I would describe this technology.

A giant Blimp that is very silent, with bombs and machine guns attached. Like a giant war blimp.

How was this used? What issues did they address and what problems did it solve.

To bomb cities at night. Otherwise it didn't address issues or solve problems because they were mainly used to attack Britain. If anything they caused more problems and issues.

How this technology changed warfare.

It allowed Germany to attack London's cities at night killing civilians as well. This introduced new strategies to take them down.

Did it have any peacetime application.

Britain used it to cross the Atlantic.

My Sources

The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg was a German passenger ship that was heading to New Jersey to land. When about 200 feet above its landing zone it caught fire.

Fun Fact there is actually a mythbusters episode trying to make sense of the incident!

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