Camp Half-Blood Bulletin

A Percy Jackson News Update

Arachne Invades Camp!

Everybody knows the story of Arachne: she angered Athena and was turned into a spider. Today, she and her spider army invaded camp! Webs were all over the cabins like toilet paper. Campers looked like living egg rolls. But one brave camper stood up. Julliana Malone, age 17 and daughter of Apollo, shot Arachne in the butt with an arrow. It scared her, and she and her army ran out of camp. Thank you, Julliana!

Camper of the Week: Percy Jackson

Daughter of Artemis Goes Missing!

Diana Conroy, age 19, who was claimed a daughter of Artemis yesterday, has gone missing! Vicky Summers, daughter of Poseidon, said she saw Conroy crying not long after she was claimed. "It seemed like she was crying all her tears out," Summers, age 12, says. "I wonder why she was crying?" Well, Vicky, I don't know, but it looks like we have a mini-quest on our hands!