Donato Bramante

Renissance Architect


Donato Bramante was born sometime in 1444 in Urbino, Italy. He spent most of his Milan and Rome. Donato had always been interested in the arts from a young age, but as he grew older began to study architecture under Scirro Scirri. Donato Bramante executed many small and large architectural works of art. His most famous work was the rebuilding of St. Peters Basilica which was later carried on by Michelangelo. His patrons were the Sforza family.

Santa Maria delle Grazie

This church was built in 1490. The church is still in good condition and is still being used in Milan, Italy. The unique design of the apse, or arch, was attributed by Donato Bramante. This church is interesting because of its unique and luxurious design. Donato Bramante exemplifies Humanism because of his building and architectures not based on religion. He also designed many non-religious based buildings.

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