Moonpie Monthly

(because you're out of this world!)

Family Photos

They are tweeted, printed, and framed, and now available for your viewing pleasure by the mailboxes. We love our big, goofy family.


Thanks to all faculty members who participated in the last contest. The top fiction title for the first quarter was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

For our new contest, take a #shelfie! Send us pictures of your bookshelves -- either at home or at school, and you'll have a chance to win a delicious prize! Bonus points if you tweet @MonacanLibrary.

Research Time!

You may have noticed new icons on your dashboard. These are our BRAND NEW Gale databases. These will eventually be found in the students’ “backpacks,” but for now they can find them at

They are really cool!

  • user friendly

  • top quality periodicals and reference materials

  • tons of functionality

Here’s the thing: we need to teach everyone how to use them. We need to visit with each department to show you all the features so that you can create an assignment. Then we need you to invite us to your classroom (or you can come to us like a field trip) to teach your students how to use the databases.

We love you (and research).


Students have now worked as a team to construct two puzzles -- and they've started a third! Feel free to join the mayhem and put in a piece or two (or twelve) when you check your mailbox.