The Colonisation of Australia

The Aboriginal perspective

The first fleet landing

Over 1 billion Aboriginal people living here prior to the First Fleet landing and there are about 250 tribes throughout Australia living in Sydney cove before the First Fleet and the longest civilisation in the world.

The First Fleet sailed into Sydney Harbour on the 25th of January 1788 and first stood on Australian soil on the 26th of January 1788 they used 11 ships to go to Australia with 1300 convicts in the ships.

The British soldiers tried to understand the Aboriginal paintings and how the Aboriginal people were showing them how they can dance. Aboriginal people couldn't tell men and women apart because of the Aboriginal's weird clothing.

Governor Arthur Phillip had his front tooth missing sign of manhood to the Aboriginal people.1 year later Governor Arthur Phillip returned to Australia with enough supplies start building up then the British had declared it their land.