Weekly Update

Week of September 28th

School Announcements/Reminders

Important Dates / Information

*1st Quarter Interim Reports - Friday, October 2nd (distributed in Advisory Class)

*PSAT Testing - Wednesday, October 12th (7:45am - 11:30am)

*Spirit Week! - Monday, October 19th - Saturday, October 24th

*School Hours - 7:30am - 1:45pm - Call Attendance Line before 8:30am if late or absent (825-6540)

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Academics at a glace...


We are continuing with our review unit. Students are reviewing basic math skills in this unit and it will serve as a good refresher helping us to become not as dependent on calculators.


Students are finishing up with the background notes and activities that will help us to better understand the novel, "Night." We will begin reading the novel tomorrow and students will be given period homework and quizzes as we fully get started with our reading of the text.

Academic Literacy:

Students will continue to develop their grammar skills and will be working towards some SAT practice. The class will also be reading another short story and will be completing various activities to follow it.


Students will continue with the unit on "Evolution." We will be finishing up with a few activities and notes this week. A study guide and test will most likely be given next week. More information will follow on this.


Students are completing the unit on "World War II and the Holocaust." The students have been working very hard expanding their knowledge of these time periods. We will continue our studies of this and will be using our lessons and tasks as a guide when reading "Night" in English.

Perspectives Reminder- Every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00-2:00

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Calendar of Events- Check it out below!