Michael Jordan

By Bob Greene

Welcome to this interview with the greatest player in the NBA Michael Jeffery Jordan.Why did you quit basketball after your father James Jordan was killed? Jordan: I did that because baseball was my father's sport and I thought I would pay respect to him by playing his sport. When did you start your baseball career? Jordan: Well my father died on July 23 1993 and i started on April 8 1994. I returned to the NBA in 1998 What was your best proformance? Jordan: One of my best proformances was game # 2 in the 1991 playoffs. I scored 33 points, had 7 rebounds, made 13 assists, 2 steals and 1 block. My shooting average was 83.3.Wow thats amazing. How did it feel to win the game after everything you did in that game? Jordan: It felt great. I felt proud that i'm capable of playing like I did.Where was they last game you played at? Jordan: My last game was on April 16 in Philadelphia.
Michael Jordan Historic Free Throw Line Dunk
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rebound-a ball that bounces back after hitting a hard surface.

NBA-the National Basketball Association.

Assist-a player who passes that assists the teammate to make a basket.

Playoffs- a final competition to determine a championship