The American System

The American Way!

Why is the American System right for you?

Ever found the transportation here slow and expensive?

Do you find that phrase redundant?

Well with the American system, through a small increase of taxes, we can improve those roads and build canals to make your travel even easier. I, Henry Clay, am the advocate for the program, but we also have many other supporters like John C. Calhoun, John Quincy Adams, and Daniel Webster. They believe in us, and so should you. Although The American System does not seem to benefit the economies of the south and the west, the whole point of this system is to not only protect American industry but to develop profitable markets for agriculture. If industry booms in America, factory workers will need more food from the west, and new cotton mills would have a need for more cotton from the south. So in summary, everyone wins! An improvement in our countries industry would help us to become more economically independent. A development of a national bank would also facilitate commerce.

So in the end, the price you pay is nothing compared to the benefits you gain.

Support the American System today!