ITS Help Desk Support

ITS is currently experiencing a high volume in support tickets and calls due to the start of the school year. To ensure you receive the support you need in a timely manner, please adhere to the following procedures:

New employees

  • Email accounts are automatically created once the Human Resources department has made you an active employee. Once HR has provided you with your Employee ID number, you can follow the instructions to claim your account.

Staff Password Resets (ARMS/email)

  • Call the Help Desk (626-396-3699 or ext. 88830) and be prepared to verify your identity with your Employee ID, work location, and birthdate.

Staff Password Resets (Aeries)

  • Put in a Help Desk ticket from your PUSD account.
  • If you are a new teacher and don't know your password, please follow the directions in the Aeries Beginners Manual.

Please do NOT:

  • Put in a ticket for someone else unless you are an Office Manager/Secretary putting in a Service Request for access to Aeries or phone extension change.
  • Submit a ticket from your personal email address. We are able to support you faster if your PUSD information is given.

Please remember to:

  • Submit your ticket through the Help Desk Portal and not via email. When you email the Help Desk, it will send your ticket to a large queue. If you submit a ticket via the Support Portal and select specifically what you need, you will receive support much faster because your ticket gets directed to the correct team right away.
  • Be specific in your subject and description. The more specific you are, the faster we can help. For example, if you have a damaged device, "Damaged Chromebook Screen" is a better subject than "Technology".
  • Use our GUIDE to help you choose the correct options.