Leaders of the Civil Right Movements

Different Ages, Different Ideas, Same Goal

Many people have tried to achieve equality among other races, and tried different methods to achieve this goal. But few will succeed. Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X are just a few to mention that tried. Although they had different philosophy and motto's such as, "Back to Africa", they all tried to achieve racial equality, even if it takes living somewhere else.

Other such as Martin Luther King Jr, taught his followers that through non-violent protest, they might win the heart and minds of people, following the example of Mahatma Gandhi. Although, others were tired of being objects of hatred and turn to radical ideas.

Malcolm X is one of the people with a radical idea. He said " I love the people who love, but I hate the people who hate me". Yes, unlike King, Malcolm resorted to violence. Soon, there was other parties that encouraged violence against the whites and the police.

But if it wasn't for the effort, the time they spent, and the ultimate sacrifices they made, there would not be racial equality today. Some even had to give their own lives just so we can enjoy a better life, and their sacrifices will not be forgotten.

How did they protest?

Marcus Garvey.-

Marcus Garvey campaign motto was "Back to Africa". He felt that since they were not welcomed there, they should go back to their motherland. So he, along with a few other protesters would make signs with that motto and walk along streets and such. Although, this was not a very popular idea back then.

Martin Luther King Junior.-

King proposed the idea of a peaceful protest after learning by example of Mahatma Gandhi. He set up workshops to train his followers on how to maintain self control in such protests and they would also organize peaceful protests such as sit-ins, marching, etc.

Malcolm X.-

Malcolm did believe that violence was acceptable. But he would not really rally on streets and mass congregate in restaurants and walk around. Rather, he would make speeches, like King wold do. But his motto was "by any means necessary".


The ideas that Malcolm X had was also the inspiration for the black panthers.

In conclusion, it was perhaps Martin Luther King Junior was perhaps the most effective leader in protesting, because his protest were peaceful, and made the white people furious. Because of the way they responded, it made them look like the guilty party.