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April 4, 2016

Lake Superior State University Competition April 1-2, 2016

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Iris Derry, Franklin High School

With a five-hour drive and a two-star hotel on yelp, the team was drained when they arrived to help set up the pit on Thursday night. Things looked up on Friday with the excitement of the competition and the fun that the team had the night before. The Livonia Warriors started the competition off well while training the rookie drivers for when the seniors graduate. But eventually the other teams became too much for the rookies to handle and our ranking spiraled down.

At the end of Friday, we were ranked around 30 out of 41 teams there, most of which were rookies or new teams. With the risk of elimination, the next day the veteran driver was put in to restore hope and order.

By the time alliance selection came around, we were seated at 22. With some thoughts of being eliminated and some hopes of being picked by the number one team, Frog Force, the tensions were high in the stands.

With our driving god, Noah Downie (Stevenson High School), on our side, we were picked by the number two alliance, team 5505 and team 3535. With Noah Downie driving and Zach Obsniuk (Churchill High School), Ben Lenze (Churchill High School) and Iris Derry (Franklin High School) by his side, the Livonia Warriors were ready to fight their way to first place.

Even with a broken tilt motor, we managed to climb to the finals against the number one alliance: team 503, 2959 and 5247. After a 2-0 victory, the Livonia Warriors and their allies won the Lake Superior State University Event. The team headed home on Sunday victorious and GEARed UP!

FIRST in Michigan videos of the Finals

2016 LSSU Finals Match 1
2016 LSSU Finals Match 2 and Awards
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Safety Star Winner

Congratulation to Nick Stanley (Stevenson High School) for his presentation on Safety! Winning Safety Hard Hat pins for Livonia Warriors!

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