Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Brandon Delaune October 16,15

Very organized or OCD?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a disorder that torments the sufferer with unwanted thought.

What are the symptoms and causes of OCD?

If your parents have OCD then it is highly likely that you will have it also. This is because Obsessive-compulsive disorder is heredity-meaning it passes down through your parents and there parents and so on. If you have OCD you might experience symptoms of it which include feeling powerless ,the knowledge that, on some level, these behaviors are irrational, degree of rational thinking, heightened anxiety, need of reassurance that worries are unfounded, disruption of your daily life.

Some places that help with OCD

Treatment or medication

Is there a treatment?

There are treatment and medications to help the victim but there's nothing that gets rid of OCD. Based on your health plan you might be able to have medication for ocd. If your willing to distinguish your symptoms, and make time you could be able to control your ocd.
My OCD (Song)

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Musician Joey Ramone was known to have ocd. U.K actor Patrick Mcgoohan was also known to have ocd. In fact, stress is good for the human body. Since it makes people to respond appropriately to danger. Disorders are classified by the type of their symptoms.