Central Elementary

Projector Update... 11/14/2017

New Projectors

Hello to all my friends at Central! I am sure that you are really enjoying your new projectors. They are the best!

Did you know that 2 people can write on the board at the same time?

You may have heard that you can project to the board without being tied to your docking station. That is true! Described below is the driver that you will have to download (and possibly run) to be able to wirelessly project.

******PICTURE ONLY WILL PROJECT! NO SOUND! ***************

Epson Iprojection v 2.20

The driver that you need to wireless display a picture to your new projector is now in the Software Center. This means that you can download it without having to log in as an administrator.

How do I find the Software Center?

Look for the Microsoft Key](same row as the spacebar)> In the search bar type "Software Center"> Find and select Epson IProjection Ver. 2.20 > Install the driver.> ( I am unsure if you have to actually run the program or if it will automatically load>

Go to your software on the computer to search and/or scan for the Epson iProjection Ver. 2.20

Big image
Click on the Advanced Connection Mode>
Big image
Click on Manual Search> type the URL of your projector in the box below Projector List- Manual Search (You can find the URL by using your Remote or by hitting the home button with your interactive pen.)>ISearch> Put a check in the box of your projector and then click Join.

You should be able to use the dropdown box from this point forward because it should remember your projector. (Notice I used should two times!)

A little more information.....

Remember that the android and ipad iProjection apps continue to work. If you are using it on your ipad or phone, it will not screen mirror everything you do. I would advise playing around with this before you use it.

Epson Easy Interactive Tools Program

This program is also available in the Soft Ware Center. It is just an added plus to your new boards, giving your Epson projector a little more functionality.