Cardinal Valley Laptop Carts

Integrating 21st Century Skills & Content

Each of our five laptop carts has 30 laptops. They are easy to use and maintain with built-in power adapters that plug into the laptops without messing with cables. Grade levels 2-5 each have a cart that rotates through classes. There is an additional cart available for any teacher in the building to check out. Teachers use the laptops to allow students to access our research-based math and reading programs: DreamBox and Lexia. Most importantly, the laptops are used to teach 21st Century Skills during content-rich lessons.

Floating Cart

So far, special area teachers have checked out this cart to use to enhance their lessons. Ms. Armstrong, our art teacher, has guided students through writing and editing artist statements about their bibelot project using Microsoft Word. In science, Ms. Boyle is beginning a graphing project to chart data collected from the garden using online graphing programs. During social skills, primary students are learning more about careers using interactive games and videos on the internet. Special education, ESL, and primary classroom teachers all plan on checking out this cart to integrate technology in the content they are teaching.

Grade Level Carts

Grade level teachers and the technology resource teacher plan regularly to use technology to teach 21st Century Skills (like critical thinking, innovation, and collaboration) while teaching content. Some upcoming projects include:

  • Using Google Earth and PowerPoint to create Me on a Map book (1st Grade)
  • Creating a digital story of a retelling or original fable (2nd Grade)
  • Diagraming a food web using Prezi (3rd Grade)
  • Researching animal adaptations and creating a PowerPoint presentation (4th Grade)
  • Making an interactive timeline on Dipity of the American Revolution (5th Grade)