Gym Candy

By: Carl Dueker

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Mick got to be on the varsity team but to start he had to work his way up to number one. Mick researched his dad because he wanted to know about him. But his dad found out and he got in trouble. Started going to Popeye's so he can get bigger but Peter asked him if he wanted to do steroids and Mick said no. Mick started doing steroids after he did bad at a scrimmage. Mick was seeing zits so he started doing the stack because you don't get zits when you do that. But when the season started he stopped. He was weak so then he started doing the XTR right before his games. Drew got hurt and while he was in locker room he found Micks steroids. So they talked after the game and Mick shot himself but stayed alive. But had to tell the cops about Peter giving him all the steroids.


Shilshole High Schools football field.

Popeye's weightlifting.

The river where they went swimming.


Carl Dueker was born August 26, 1950 in San Francisco. And he is still alive. He usually wrote fiction and children literature.Ye she is married to Anne Mitchel, and has a daughter. Some books he wrote were Gym Candy, High Heat, and Payback Time. Raised in Redwood City, California. Mostly played in his creek in his backyard. No there is not a movie of the book Gym Candy.


Mick Johnson is in high school and wanting to be a pro football player. He was struggling and couldn't get stronger so he used steroids and his friend found them. So he shot himself but stayed alive.

Peter is Micks trainer he is the one that gave Mick the steroids.

Drew and DeShawn are Micks best friends.

Mom and dad because they been there his whole life.

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Reflection Questions

My favorite part was when Mick was stopped doing the steroids because it was good for him because it wont hurt him.

I would give him advice to not do steroids because it helps you when it happens but it hurts you at the end.

Make it so he goes to the NFL and doesn't do steroids because he would do what his dad didn't do.

Personal recommendation

I liked the book because it is about sports. I would recommend it because it makes it so you don't want to do steroids. Because it is a kid the doesn't like his size so he decides to start doing steroids because he wants to get bigger. But he gets stressed and shoots himself. But not everybody gets lucky and lives when they shoot them selves.