Sugar act!!!! =)

Taxes are coming on the way??:( No more taxes !!!

No more taxes how do we do !!??

Known as the Sugar and Mollases act known to soon expire...

Since of the currupt that happened now there isn't such a lot of selling for the market of rum,sugar, and molasses (which have been producing with the cheaper French molasses).

Sugar act reduced the rate of taxes (yayy!!!) from 6 pence (cents) to 3 pence a gallon.

In all on April 5, 1764

Parliament passed a modified version of the sugar and molasses act in (1733).

Which when was about to expire!!!

For the molasses act some colonial merchants had to pay 6 pence per gallon (as the tax) as the importation of a foreign molasses!!!!!

Get rid of Sugar act TAKING OUR MONEY

If wanting more facts about our sugar act???

The reason for the sugar and molasses act happened because, only did their machine currupt but since they lost the war also against france they where taking money away from the others as taxes to repair the land from the damages of the war for also the same thing to put everything back together and everyone was very upset

For the end of us!!

I have known that this is our known as well flyer to introduce you more into The Sugaar Act of 1764

Thank you!!!!