Mexico City

you should visit mexico city some time

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Street food in Mexico City

In Mexico c City the fast foods made in the streets are mostly tacos the people that make the tacos had a taco stand.They make a lots of different type of meat tacos and and they also make quesadillas with meat.Tacos are a really famous food in Mexico City and are really good and they are called "Antojitos".They also use chillies to make something called salsa they put in the tacos.

Mexico City's culture

Mexico City is full of culture templo mayor is a big place were theres art, culture, and history. Soccer is a big culture in Mexico City and a famous sport they play. Templo mayor is a really big museum in Mexico City.

tourism's in Mexico City

The biggest tourism in Mexico City is acapulco. Acapulco is a cool beach and it is really really big it is nice to go when it is really hot in Mexico City.In acapulco there is hotels you can stay in and there is breakfast in the morning.You can stay all the time you want in acapulco

Mexico city's weather

In Mexico City it is really hot it almost never cold it is only cold some night's in christmas . Mexico City dos not get a lots of rain because it is really hot in Mexico City but when it dos rain it rain's really hard because it dos not rain for a lots of days and when it dos rain it rain really hard.