Ha Long Bay


Where is it?

Ha Long Bay is situated in the North-East region of Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is siuated in the gulf of Tonkin located near Halong City, the town of Cam Pha, and a part of the island of Van Don. Halong Bay borders Cat Ba Island in the southwest, the East Sea, and the mainland,which creates a 120 km coastline.the coordinates of Ha Long Bay are N20 53 60 E107 5 60.

why is it?

Ha Long Bay is a popular site for tourists because of world heratige listing. It is listed because of the rare land forms and the animals that inhabit the area. The area is the way it is because the people have built their lives on tourism.


Currently there are 618 floating houses with a population of 2,214 that live in fishing communities on the bay. The fishing is monited strictly with licences, bag limits and special areas where to fish. the fishing community lives on the fish they catch by selling them. The tourists that go there love the place with the stunning natural views and experiences. The people of Ha Long either live on the main land or on house boats on the bay within the cliffs. The people who live on the bay are usually fishermen.

How has the world heratige listing effected the community?

What were peoples views on having a holiday there?

Where do people live?


The environment of Ha Long Bay is a diverse place full of flona and flora. The bay is full of sandstone cliffs, inlets, beaches and reefs. The heratige listing is there to protect the environment for later generations. People need special licences to fish in the bay and they have special places to fish because of the site to protect it from being over fished.

Has the environment been saved from the heratige listing?

Are people able to fish there?

What if people try to damage the environment?


Ha Long Bay has defently benifited from technology. People being able to find out about Ha Long Bay to have holidays has brought more people to the place, who bring money and that money goes into the community. The more money the wealthier the people and biusnesses. So they can improve the buisnesses to improve the experience of Ha Long Bay for the tourists to get more of them. It is a cycle. If Ha Long Bay wasn't advertised on the internet the tourism buisness would be very small and not a profitable thing.

Has technology increased the economy of Ha Long?

Do the people of Ha Long use technology in the tourism buisness?

What if Ha Long Bay wasn't advertised on the internet?


Ha Long Bay was listed as heratige in 1995 and will continue to be. If it wasn't a heratige site the tourism would suffer and the environment would be suffering with over fishing and polution. Ha Long Bay has formed over millions of years of tropical climate ever changing. There have been discoveries of ancient human being skeletons in the area and ancient civilisations. It has been changing for ever and will continue to.

When was the heratige listing finalised?

How have the sandstone cliffs formed?

What if Ha Long Bay wasn't a heratige site?


I learnt that the S.H.E.E.P.T. method works to find out about a place and that Ha Long Bay is a beautiful place with a diverse environment that is situated in Vietnam. It is a popular place with tourist that want to see nature uneffected.