Toledo, España

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Toledo está encima de un cerro, y tres lados son un río. Madrid está al norte de Todleo. Toledo es una ciudad muy pequeño, pero es muy bonita.
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The flag of Toledo mirrors their coat of arms. It has a dual headed black eagle with an imperial crown, which has its origin in Islamic Spain, which further has roots in the Roman Empire. The neclace is the chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece, the most prestigious order in Europe. The kings on either side, with their swords and scepters, represent the prestige of Toledo and Spain.

La población de Toledo es 83,334 en 2014

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La moneda es el Euro.

1 US Dollar = 0.88 Euro

Alfonso X

Alfonso X, 23 November, 1221 - 4 April, 1284, was the King of Castile, León and Galacia from May 30, 1252 until his death. His court was one of education and diversity, containg Christians, Muslims, and Jews. He was a famous writer of Galacian Poetry, and was very interested in astrology. In his lifetime, he signed important military treaties with the King of England and Duke of Aquitaine.

(Below: a portrait of Alfonso X)

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Hoy, el 5 de mayo, y hay nubes, y está ventosa. El viento está 20 Km/h, y la temperatura es 20 C. Mañana, será sol y nubes con tormentas. La tempetura máxima será 20 C, y el tempetura mínima será 12 C.

La Maleta

Estoy treyendo un par de zapatos, tres camisetas, un chaqueta de lluvia, tres Jeans, quatro pares de calcetines y ropa interior, y una gorra. También, traeré mi mochila con Euros, mi tarjeta de crédito, y mi pasaporte.

Los Boletos de avión

La fecha de mi viaje es el 2 de julio al 9 de julio. El precio de uno boleto es $2102.


Hotel Real de Toledo - Real Del Arrabal, 4, 45003 Toledo, Spain.

Yo visitaré durante una semana. Uno habitación individual es 333.48 por una semana, 57.64 Euro cada día. IVA es 70.02 Euro. Por una semana, pagaré 403.50 Euro, o 456.28 Dólares de US.


Yo caminaré en la ciudad, porque las carretas son muy escarpada.

Yo necesitaré un boleto por el tren a Toledo, y un boleta es 30.07 Euros, o 34 Dólares de US.

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La Catedral costará €11,00, y estará abierto 8:00-18:00.

This Cathedral is over 500 years old, and is by far the largest and grandest in Toledo. It contains stunning architecture, georgeous decoration, and beautiful, historic paintings.

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El Alcázar de Toledo costará €5, y estará abierto 10:00-5:00.

The Alcázar was military castle for the many militaries that occupied Toledo, but is now a military museum.

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El monasterio costará €2,50, y estará abierto 10:00-6:45.

This momentary is over 600 years old, and was built to celebrate the newCatholic rule of Spain. Still a function church, the history and architecture draws many from al over the world.

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Puente de San Martín durante la puesta del sol.

El puente es gratis.

This ancient bridge is a georgeous piece of architecture, and the views at sunset are said to be breathtaking.

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Mirador Del Valle

Este es gratis.

This point is a nice jog from the inner city. The true merit is the georgeous, and often called best view of Toledo. I could, and most likely will sit for hours with my camera, taking photos.

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This famous Toledo treat is a sweet, floury almond paste that has been lightly cooked. Many decorative or intricate versions exist, including fruit filled and shaped Marzapán
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This tradition stew is served in a cazuela with bread, and is cooked with slow cooked pork, peas, tomatoes and white wine.
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I will order a special meal of Carcamusas and a reccomended red wine. This will come with a Tapa, which is a mix between an appetizer and a side dish. They range greatly, and may change from day to day in certain restaurants. This deal is €14, or $15.83.
Toledo is known for blades of all kinds. One of my souvenirs will be a traditional Spanish sword, which costs roughly €2.000,00.

Painted pottery is a staple of Spain, and Toledo has many craftsmen who throw and paint all of their own pottery. These beautiful dished come around €40.

In the topic of blades, Toledo is also known for daggars. With daggars costing €180, or $45.23, I plan to purchase a historical replica of a Templar or Roman daggar.


Fechas de mi viaje: 2 de julio hasta 9 de julio

Boletos de avión- €1.858,86. $2,102

El hotel real de Toledo- €403,50. $456.28

El tren-€30,07. $34

El Catedral-€11,00. $12.64

El Alcázar-€5,00. $5.66

El Monesterio-€2,50. $2.83

Casa Ludeña-€14,00. $15.83

Comidas-€175,00. $198.20

Recuerdos-€1.220,00. $1381.72

Total en Euros-€3.746,93

Total in Dollars-$4,244.41