The Star Newsletter

September 2017

Dates to Remember

Midterms: September 1

Labor Day: September 4

NWEA English Testing Window: September 1 - September 8

NWEA Math Testing Window: September 11 - September 15

WeBo Information

Bringing Connectivity Home

Western Boone Jr.-Sr High School will be allowing students the opportunity to check out mobile hotspots to have wireless internet at home. Through this program, Western Boone has purchased six mobile hotspots that students will be able to check out through the Media Center. Students will be able to check these out just as they would a book, but they will only be able to keep them up to three days at a time.

Policies for checking out a mobile hotspot:

  • Students will be able to check out a mobile hotspot for three days. After three days, the device must be returned and not checked out again by the same student for three days.
  • If a mobile hotspot is not brought in on its due date, it will be shut down so that it no longer provides a connection. Students who fail to bring in the mobile hotspot after five days will no longer be allowed to check one out for the remainder of the nine-weeks.
  • Mobile hotspots are for academic use only and should be used appropriately. All internet traffic is routed through Western Boone filters.
  • If lost or damaged, the student who checked out the device is responsible for repair/replacement of the device.
  • Students can not check out mobile hotspots over extended breaks.

August's Newsworthy Classrooms

WeBo's Makerspace

Western Boone's Makerspace Club is a place students can build, create, and figure out how things work. The Makerspace focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) concepts to better prepare students to be college and career ready. Students can learn fundamentals of coding, circuitry, and design, as well as how to use new technology such as a 3D printer.

"Makerspaces are areas dedicated to hands-on learning, exploration, and creation with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The WeBo Makerspace is located in the Library Media Center and features various technological tools, including Lego robotics, simple electronics and circuitry, a Dremel 3D printer, and other gadgets. Additional tools and art materials will be added in the future. Students can use the Makerspace with a class, individually, or during the Makerspace Club that meets during Homeroom. After school sessions will also be offered, including classes specific to 3D printing and coding. My goal is to spark imagination and interest in learning and provide a place where students (and teachers) can "make" and create." - Ms. Skibbe

"The fact that we get to mess with electronics is just interesting." - Sullivan Moe

"I enjoyed the Mind-Storm and the engineering options that were available" - Jeremy England

"I would like to get into learning about robotics because people inspired me to try and learn." - Avery Kraus

Any donations of old electronics to take apart, small hand tools, and craft supplies would be greatly appreciated.

New Faces at WeBo

With a new school year comes new staff members at Western Boone Jr.-Sr. High. Over the summer, a number of talented teachers were added to the staff at the high school. We are excited to introduce those staff members to our school community.

Miss Cape

English Teacher

"I'm so excited about getting to know the great people here at Webo!"

Miss Comer

Special Education Teacher

"I am so excited to meet all the wonderful staff and students at Western Boone. I can not wait to learn and grow with them as the year progresses!"

Mr. Cullen

Business Teacher

"I'm looking forward to new experiences, discussing the "real" business world, great students, the "ah... now I get it" moments, dedicated soccer players, and the blend of high expectations with having fun."

Mr. Dexter

Athletic Director

"I am excited to support our student-athletes as they compete at a high level, while carrying themselves with great sportsmanship and class on and off the competitive playing fields."

Miss Gregerson

Chemistry Teacher

"I am excited about doing a lot of fun labs with my chemistry classes this year!"

Mr. Haney

English Teacher

Varsity Girls and Jr. High Boys Tennis Coach

"I am excited for the opportunity to teach two new English classes that have not been previously offered at WeBo-- Film Lit and Tech Comm. I am looking forward to continuing to build the courses in ways that engage, challenge, and entertain students."

Mr. Lickliter

Physical Education Teacher

Varsity Boys Basketball Coach

"I’m really excited to get to know our students and the staff at Western Boone JSHS!"

Miss Pursley

Choir Director

"I'm excited to create a musical environment where the kids feel like they have a say in what they are creating."

Mrs. Smith

Special Education Teacher

"I am happy for this opportunity to work with and get to know our students at Western Boone. I am excited for Homecoming and to see the school spirit we have here."

Mr. Webb

Physical Education Teacher

Varsity Baseball Coach

"I am very excited to meet everyone and ready to have a great school year. Also looking forward to a great High School Baseball Season, heard a lot of amazing things about the team!"

Mr. White

Spanish Teacher

It is great to see students more and more excited about the Spanish language and Hispanic peoples.

Custodial Help Needed

Second Shift Custodian at Western Boone Jr.-Sr. High School

Hours are from 3:00 pm until 11:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Full-time Grounds Worker

Hours are from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.