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Distance Learning! ----September 21, 2020

Together We Are Stronger


What an amazing week of learning. I have seen so many of you working tirelessly to make sure our students have quality programming. I see and hear how many of you are going above and beyond - our students and families have also heard and noticed this and shared so many positives about how the staff at TPlus care so deeply about their students.

I have been able to see and hear artists, poets, orators, singers, actors and orators this past week. It is amazing what you do and how many hats you wear as educators. That is only on screen- behind the scenes, I know you are working on paperwork, planning lessons, finding or making the right videos and gathering props for your on-air time.

During this time I hope you are also remembering to care for yourselves. This is not a sprint but a relay marathon (where the finish line keeps moving). We have many talented people that can help or carry the baton. Lean on one another and if you are able to lift or share the burden for another, jump on in when and where you can. You do not need to nor are expected to do all of this alone. We have many talented staff throughout TPlus.

It is important to me that our community remains safe and strong. Once again, thank you for all you do for our students and families. I care about you! I love you and we will make it through this together!

1:1 Staff Tech Support

MPS staff that have questions or would like support on technology integration can sign up for a 1:1 meeting with a technology coach. Coaching sessions will be focused on Seesaw, Google Meet, Google Classroom, GoogleTools, and Activinspire.

Appointment slots are offered Mon-Thur from 8am-4:30pm. Staff can sign up here and a tech coach will send them a confirmation email with a Google Meet link.

This Week in BIPOC History

Here it is for you to share with your students so we start changing history by sharing multiple perspectives of history.

Tree Trust

Tree Trust Youth Build is now open for students to apply. Go to youthbuild to watch a short informational video and to apply on-line. Tree Trust Youth Build will be accepting 32 students this fall.

The mission of Tree Trust /Youth Build is to transform lives and landscapes. Students gain employment skills, leadership development and explore careers. Many Transition Plus students have participated in Tree Trust Youth Build. Students learn by doing in this pre-apprenticeship program. They gain useful construction and tree care skills. They may earn certificates from the Homebuilders institute and Tree Care Industry.

Students alternate between an employment training week and a school week. Students may earn up to $100 per school week through a points system that rewards school attendance, good behavior and assignment completion.

Students must travel to the pick-up location outside of the Hennepin County Human Services Building located in North Minneapolis at 1001 Plymouth Ave N. The hours are Monday through Thursday 9-3 pm and Fridays 9 -1 pm. Tree Trust Youth Build is operating in small groups of 6 students with a trainer and they are following Covid safe guidelines. TPlus can provide bus cards for students.

Students must apply on-line and once the application is complete, they will participate in a phone interview. The next step is to complete a Try Out week. During the Try Out week, successful applicants demonstrate good teamwork, a positive attitude and strong motivation.

Participation is completely optional and up to individual students and families.

Below is a flyer with additional information.


Attendance must be taken every day for every class for every student. CBI Friday is included on the attendance. Please do not overlook taking attendance for Friday's.

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Happy Monday,

I hope you had time to breathe over the weekend.

What is SEL?

“Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which students and adults acquire and effectively apply knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships and responsible decisions” (CASEL, 2016)

Why do we do a Warm Welcome?

Ritual Openings establish safety and predictability, support contribution by all voices, set norms for respectful listening, and allow people to connect with one another, creating a sense of belonging. To be successful they should be carefully chosen, connected to the work of the day, engaging, and thoughtfully debriefed. Ideas for Warm Welcomes can be found in the SEL Google Classroom.

You can find the SEL curriculum specifically designed for T-Plus in your Google Drive, in the SEL Google Classroom or click on the link below. This week you may want to commit to doing a Warm Welcome for each class period.

SEL Curriculum

I will be starting circles this week. I will plan for a girl’s group on Tuesdays at 2:30 and another group, open to all, on Thursdays at 2:30. We will begin by focusing on self-awareness and self-esteem. Please send me the names of students who are interested, and I will reach out to them via email. Have a beautiful week.


Tplus is highlighting and celebrating Latino culture this month from now until October 30


What can you do?

  • Encourage students/staff to share pictures or videos of:
    • past or current celebrations
    • dances
    • elders in the family
    • artifacts
    • beloved music
    • poems
    • anecdotes
    • recipes
    • art
    • whatever one could share to aid in understanding their culture.

How to share?

  • use flipgrid to record videos of one reading a poem, anecdote, story, or description, singing a song in Spanish or Latino dialect
  • write or take a picture of your favorite recipe
  • digitally send pictures or documents to their case manager
  • link to your favorite song, or a classic song from your culture

These would then be sent to Colleen Knuth by Oct 9. Whatever is shared can be compiled and shared on our website and/or broadcast to our Tplus community before bingo on Oct 30.


  • Is it possible to play Loteria (Mexican bingo) instead of bingo on Oct 30?
  • Can our dance party music include Latino artists until Oct 30, and be Latino-centric ON Oct 30?
  • Do you have helpful links or knowledge of something Latino? Send it out - or at least to Colleen


Proposed Cultural Celebration Schedule:

October 30 = Latino

December 11 = American Indian (can be planned on CBI round 2)

January 22 = Hmong

Feb 8 recognition, February 26 full celebration = African American

March 12 = East African (can be planned on CBI round 4)

April 23 = West African (can be planned on CBI round 5)

April 30 = Talent Show (can be planned on CBI round 5)

May 28 = All school Accomplishments Celebration (can be planned on CBI round 6 - accomplishments can be submitted all year!!)

  • For each cultural celebration, please encourage students/staff to share pictures or videos of:
    • past or current celebrations
    • dances
    • elders in the family
    • artifacts
    • beloved music
    • poems
    • anecdotes
    • recipes
    • art
    • whatever one could share to aid in understanding their culture.

Positive School-Wide Engagement

The PSWE team is excited to share an action calendar to take kindness and community to a whole new level. Living with the intention to infuse positivity into your day or someone else's day is a way to share kindness with those around you. Here are some "daily do's" and suggestions in getting started. Teachers, this is a resource to share with your students in advisories or in classes each day. Students, this can be a daily project to be kind to those around you!

On Fridays, the links for virtual bingo and dance party are included. Tplus community dates and events will also be shared here! Look for your new calendar each month with ideas for spreading kindness, building community, and living with intention!


To support your leadership at sites, the 2020-21 Q Comp Leadership Roles are now open.

Friday, Sept. 25,2020

Deadline for 2020-21 Q Comp Leaders to register for their Q Comp stipend in the Q Comp Portal

Upcoming CBI

Teachers should email Colleen Knuth the names of interested students. The following info will be needed to get students registered for Cow Tipping Press.

  • Student Name
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address (if they want to correspond via mail with their writing)
  • email address
  • If they write by hand
  • Is it ok to publish writing and photo

Cow Tipping Press runs for CBI rounds 2 (starts Oct 30) & 3 (starts Dec 18) so that 2 groups of 10 students can participate.

COW TIPPING PRESS- our classes are great for anyone who uses words in any way to communicate - students do not have to be traditional readers and writers (do not have to be able to read and write to participate fully!). Here is a video of our end-of-summer virtual Book Release celebration (highlights from a 9-hour marathon event!) - in case that's helpful for students and teachers to get a sense of what our classes can look like online.

ESP Info

Welcome back ESP’s! It was nice to see everyone at this past Friday’s meeting.

As I mentioned Friday, I am trying to organize ESP advisories; this will be a space to connect with students you may not see in class with distance learning, and a place for students to do something different during Advisory with the permission of their advisory teacher. If you’re interested in hosting an advisory, or have any questions, please email Aria Campbell with the day of the week you prefer, and a topic.

It doesn’t have to be fancy; it could be a fun space to work on homework.

Please check out the ESP lead advisory document in the shared ESP Google drive to see what has already been scheduled.

Thank you!


  • Weekly Union update

  • It is time to choose our Union Stewards for the 20/21 School year. Please click on this link to take a short survey before Thursday September 17th and express any interest in becoming more involved. We will be working on more consistency this school year and would love as much involvement and input as possible. Remember We’re stronger together!

  • In Solidarity,

    Your building Stewards

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