Media literacy project


creative/perceptive- "On the way to art class,I noticed that Lee had stuck a sign up on her locker that said This is not a locker. I'd hate to be her art teacher. She'd probably glue a bunch of magazine photos of people on a page, with their eyes cut out, and write something like Art is in the eye of the beholder."

surprising- ¨¨Is Lee here?¨ I asked, wondering whether I gone to the wrong place.Maybe this was her sister. ¨I'm Lee, you moron,¨she said. I blinked, and there she was. She had taken the pins out of her face, died her hair black, and put on a dress. This was Lee without hardware.¨

Confident- ¨ A girl (Lee) who wasn't afraid to be herself. And who wasn't afraid to step away from the safety of her chosen identity. I doubt there were many other kids in the gym- or anywhere else, for that mater- who had the courage to do what Lee had done¨

Dark-"She (Lee) was wearing a black T-shirt for some band I'd never heard of. It showed a girl crying blood. The girl was clutching a headless teddy bear. Naturally, the bears neck was also pretty moist."

Lee's future

I think Lee's plans for the future would be to become dark poet or a dark writer of some sort. Since she likes dark poetry and writing so much I imagine that is what she would want to do with her life. I think she would be good at it too.
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This t-shirt represents Lee better than anything.When that sign was on her locker that said "Freaky b*itch" She didn't get mad, instead she embraced it and made a t-shirt out of it showing how she was happy with herself and didn't care about the opinions of others.