Myers Moment

December 18th Edition

Jan. 5th Agenda

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday break. I appreciate each one of you and your dedication to our students. Ms. Jahntz sent an e-mail with the Jan. 5th agenda attached. On January 5th we will begin our day at 7:30 AM in the cafeteria with Welcome Back Bagels. Please bring your laptop with you to the meeting. Grades are due by 5:00 pm on January 5th.

Safety Updates

  • Everyone at Nesbit should wear a badge and visitors should have a visitor sticker
  • All visitors must check-in at the front office
  • Do not let anyone in the front doors after hours (4:00 or later) who is not escorted by a staff member
  • Teachers with after-school clubs should send students out the front doors to their parents. Parents should not be in the building
  • Students should not be left unsupervised for any reason
  • Teachers should be standing at their door each day to greet students from 7:40 -8:00
  • If you encounter and unknown person please escort them to the lobby or buzz the front office

Things to Do Before Winter Break....

  • Complete F & P levels
  • Mid-year data entered on spreadsheet
  • Mid-year DA's completed
  • Trash placed in hallways after holiday parties
  • Unplug and secure all electronic equipment (student laptops, teacher laptop, etc) - these items should be put away out of sight and locked up
  • No bookroom returns or check out after Tuesday, 12/15 until January

The Gift You Didn't Want..... By Jacki Sellmansberger

Have you ever received a gift that you really didn’t want? Of course, you have! We probably all have a funny story we could share about that strange unwanted gift. Bob and I have a funny-looking moose that we received one year at an ornament exchange. We chuckle each year as we get it out with all our other decorations. I have learned in my life that sometimes God gives me an unexpected “gift”. Sometimes, it really doesn’t appear to be a gift, at all. But as time progresses, I find out that the “gift” I received has taught me a valuable lesson that I may not have learned in any other way.

In my teaching career, I have been “gifted” with certain students, or given a particular situation that I wouldn’t have chosen on my own. But after a few months, I realize how that difficult “gift” has been exactly what I needed to grow. This week, my family has experienced the loss of a child. We are so sad, and certainly have no thoughts of seeing this as a “gift.” My son and his sweet wife are hurting, but we know good will come from this. There are lessons to be learned, even though at this point, there are no thoughts of thankfulness for this “gift.”

Whether the unwanted gift in your life this Christmas is under your tree, or in your heart, try to see the value it could mean for you. Perhaps it’s personal growth through some pain, or maybe something that brings a chuckle as you get out those decorations once again.

Thanks to everyone who helped this week with our Christmas activities. The food has been yummy! And the party was fun with so many participating. I’d like to offer a personal thanks to Lisa Wozniak for all her work with the decorations! Please keep Laura Sciacca in your thoughts and prayers, as she is in the hospital with some complications from her surgery. Have a delightful holiday break!

Dates to Remember

Monday, 12/21 - Monday 1/4 - Winter Break


Tuesday, 1/5

  • Teacher Work Day

Wednesday, 1/6

  • Technology NIT during grade level planning in the professional learning room
Thursday, 1/7

  • Grade Level Business Meeting (Data Dig) in the professional learning room
  • TALC class in the media center from 3:30-6:30 pm

Friday, 1/8

Peace and Blessings

During this holiday season, I wish each of you peace and blessings. It has been my pleasure to serve the students, community, and staff of Nesbit Elementary this first semester. Have a happy and restful holiday.

With positive energy,


Christmas Video - Inspirational wishes