Looking for a GREAT Fundraiser?

ZERO Upfront Fees.

Use The VIP Card For Fundraising.

These discount cards aren't the typical candies, wrapping papers, and candles people avoid buying through typical fundraising programs; these are actual savings cards people seek out because they know that the purchase price is minimal compared to what they will save by presenting the card to local businesses.

The Card that helps you Save at places you already go.

Two ways to Fundraise

First Way: Sell Cards to your Friends and Family.

We will provide you with enough cards for your group to sell directly to your friends and family. After several weeks you simply return any cards that are left and pay for the cards you sold.

Second way: Fundraise with us without ever touching a card?

Do you have a group or customer base that would be interested in saving money at over 200 Topeka area locations on EVERY VISIT? If the answer is YES. Then this is how it works.

1. We set you up with a customize link.

2. Promote your link with e mails, Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.

3. Customer goes into our web site and buy's a card.

4. The VIP Card mails the card to the customer and pays you $10 for each card.

Nationwide UNLIMITED use.