Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Love Creek Elementary School

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Our last marking period begins and it always seems this one goes by the fastest! We returned feeling refreshed from break and got right back to our learning. Now if only we would be blessed with some real spring weather!

Next week, the CAP students will participate in the ELA portion of Smarter Balanced Testing from Tuesday through Thursday. Then the following week, they will complete the Math portion on the same days. On testing days, we will test from 10am-12pm.

As I told the class, the test should not be a time for stress but rather excitement to show how amazing they are and share all they know! Everybody has worked really hard this year and I am confident they will all do quite well. I also told them that no matter what though, one test does not define who they are or who they will become. They're going to rock!

For testing, students may choose to bring in a snack (just like normal) and a water bottle. They may also bring in peppermint items such as lifesavers, gums, peppermint patties, etc. as peppermint is shown to stimulate the brain. I also provide them with a little treat every day. Please be sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a healthy breakfast. It would be great if you could make sure they are at school on time each of these days so they don't have to make up the test outside of our room at a later time. If you have any questions about the test or our testing procedures, shoot me an email!

We will have a spring showcase where you are invited in to see everything we've accomplished these last couple months. Stay tuned for the date, but I'm thinking early June.

The students have spoken and decided they did not want homework over the next two weeks while we test. If you prefer yours does, just let me know and I can send home the math sheet. They should always be reading though!

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Melissa Tuttle

NO HOMEWORK for 2 weeks!

Students will need headphones for the Smarter Balanced testing. Many students have them already, but would you please check with your child and remind them to bring a set to school if they don't?!

We are also in desperate needs of pencils! If you are able to donate any to our class, we'd be very appreciative!


Pennies for Patients

Our last service learning project for this year is Pennies for Patients! A representative from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society came and shared how the organization helps and together they brainstormed ideas for how the students could have a successful fundraiser.

The students created iMovies about the fundraiser, which they have presented to every classroom in the school. They did an amazing job presenting in front of classrooms and sharing how the fundraiser works. They also created posters and took care of organizing and distributing all of the materials to classrooms. Katie created a wonderful newsletter too, which hopefully you all saw come out on Peachjar. I have had many teachers stop to me to share compliments about the students and their efforts. Proud teacher here!

The students set a pretty high goal of $6000, challenging every grade level to collect $1000. They tried to convince the students by using numbers and stats telling the classes that each grade level has at least 4 teachers so that means each classroom needs to raise $250 and then averaged each classroom to 25 students so each student needs to collect only $10 which they thought was very attainable :-). So far we have collected about $400!

If you are interested in getting a box to place at your work or someplace in the community, let us know and we will get it to you!


Remember to think before you do!

4th Grade

Fractions, decimals, oh my...the unit has come to a close! These are HUGE concepts in 4th grade and this week the students showed what they know about adding, subtracting, and even multiplying fractions. We also compared fractions and decimals by reading and writing decimals, comparing them, and finding them on number lines. At the beginning of each unit, the students take a pre-assessment and almost all the students showed they were near benchmark when they took that test and then this week when they took the post ALL students showed they were ABOVE the standard. They conquered the fraction frenzy! Next week, we start on geometry!

5th Grade

We just finished our geometry unit working with ordered pairs on the coordinate plane, using the protractor to draw and identify angles, and classifying 2D shapes. You will see two math projects coming home where the students designed a plan for security cameras in a new neighborhood and planned a field trip to Outer Space. We are now working on an algebra unit. The students are learning about variables and how to write expressions and equations using them. We also are discussing how to work backwards to undo operations. Lots of puzzles to solve!


We just started our last unit on Informational Writing and when you come to the spring showcase, you will be welcomed into our zoo! Every student has chosen an animal to research as they complete this writing unit. They are required to create a visual representation to accompany their writing piece so please talk with your child about his/her plan and encourage them to get ahead of the project. The students have also been asked to bring in a book to use for research and need to have it no later than next Friday. Let me know if you need me to assist them in finding a book.
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