Shrubs In Our School


Callistemons are commonly known as Bottlebrushes because of their cylindrical shape and their brush-like feel.

This type of shrub lives in warm regions of Australia, mostly along the east coast and south west of Australia. They provide alot for many native animals, birds, insects and skinks.They will attract plenty of life in your backyard.

Callistemon flowers provide lots of delightful food to nectar eating birds and honeyeaters. Some Bottlebrushes grow quite large, local native ones grow large and pretty.

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Shrubs are a Very Unique Part of Biodiversity!

Make sure to always be mindful of Biodiversity because without it Earth would be poor place!

Why Grasshoppers Rely on Shrubs to Live

Grasshoppers rely on Shrubs for food, shelter and warmth. Most grasshoppers are herbivores and they need shelter for when it is cold and they have warmth when they are sheltered from the rain. Grasshoppers love to eat grass, plants and shrubs and this is why rely on shrubs to live.